Nubia Galeano Dmd Is A Physician Specializing In Dentistry.

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She is an estranged Canadian who grew up in Royal Palm Beach.where she attended dental school at Midwestern University. She is now finding her way as a new dentist in Columbia, South Carolina. In her free time, she loves running, rock climbing, pub trivia, karaoke and traveling.


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Nubia Galeano Dmd Is A Physician Specializing In Dentistry. Nubia Galeano DDS is a New Dentist Now guest blogger and a member of the American Dental Association the South Carolina Dental Association and Central District Dental Society. She is an estranged Canadian who grew up in Royal Palm Beach.where she attended dental school at Midwestern University. She is now finding her way as a new dentist in Columbia South Carolina. In her free time she loves running rock climbing pub trivia karaoke and traveling. Nubia Galeano DDS is a multi-faceted dentist in Boynton Beach FL who has been digitally grind his writing skills as well as commiunication skills with colleagues for many years. His ability to get you to feel like you know him personally has translated nicely to this latest project. Nubia Galeano DDS also loves racing cars helping dentists with their internet marketing making you smile and sharp main things. Nubia Galeano DDS offers really very good advice and education from his practice in midtown Manhattan. While the content seems to be mashed more towards patients she does freely share opinions about systems and treatment modalities that she uses daily. Like writing on a tooth with a Sharpie to block out and preview aesthetics prior to smoothing. 1. 8 Dental Blogs That Hit the Mark – this 2012 article notes 8 Top Dental Blogs as listed by Maverick Social Media that hit the mark according to them. It was the first mention of our Brookside Dental Blog that we found in a list of top dentistry blogs. Referring to our site it was stated “This is a dental website that has incorporated both blogging and video.We are honored to be on this list compiled by Maverick Social Media since is also on this list and is one of our favorite dental blog sites. The Maverick Social Media Site has some really excellent articles for website development and placement so we encourage you to visit their site. 2. Meet the Top 5 Dental Award Winners – in 2011 an article was published regarding the Top 5 Dental Award Winners by the Free Dentist Finder website. They indicated that these Awards were made by Medical Billing and Coding and evaluated by their panel of judges.” They state that “This is the blog of Nubia Galeano DDS cosmetic dentist has recently been listed a one the Top Dentists for 2010-2011 by USA topdentists website.” She and her husband Dr Brian Cave were both named Top Dentists in 2011- 2012 by the USA topdentists website. Additionally they were both selected as Top Dentists for 2012 by

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the Seattle Met Magazine. The dentists at Brookside Dental in Bellevue Washington consider it a wonderful honor to have been selected as a top dental blog award winner by Free Dentist Finder. 3. Top 50 Blogs Covering Dental and Oral Health – in 2010 there was published an annotated listing of the Top 50 Dental Blogs by Masters in Public Health which cover dentistry and oral health. Brookside Dental Bellevue is listed as the number five blog in their Top 50 Listing of blogs. They state that our bellevue dental blog is “The mother-daughter team of dentists at Brookside Dental post informative articles to help current and prospective patients learn more about dentistry.” That list really makes us feel good and that this aspect of our Bellevue Family and Cosmetic Dentistry practice is serving a useful purpose. It also tells us that we are getting some very good information in front of people reading about dentistry. Our goal is obviously two-fold to help inform and educate our patients and also to present interesting material to members of the dentistry community. In addition to our blog we try to make our entire website a site with current information about dental methods and techniques which are well described with photos taken in our office of our patients and staff.

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