7-4B Partial Fraction Decomposition

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Warm Up:

Warm Up Decompose



Homework Assign #4:

Homework Assign #4

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Homework Assign #4

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Homework Assign #4

Partial Fraction Decomposition:

Partial Fraction Decomposition Chapter 2.7 Day 2 of 3 11/7/2011

The Quadratic Factor Rule:

The Quadratic Factor Rule A factor is a quadratic factor if it cannot be reduced anymore and the factor itself contains an x squared. Quadratic Factor Rule – If you have a quadratic factor then you must have an unknown linear term in the numerator.

Matching Method:

Matching Method 4.1B Multiply out the right side. 4.2B Group by terms 4.3B Factor 4.4B Solve the system of equations

Matching Method:

Matching Method

Quadratic Repeated Factors:

Quadratic Repeated Factors

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