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Lewis Carroll :

Lewis Carroll Haley Camp 2 nd /3 rd Terry

When was Lewis Carroll born and when did he die?:

When was Lewis Carroll born and when did he die? Lewis Carroll was born as Charles Dodgson on January 27, 1832. Lewis Carroll died January 14, 1898 at the age of 65.

Where did LeWIS Carroll live?:

Where did LeWIS Carroll live? He was born in Daresbury , Cheshire, England. His family moved a lot, but he ended up going to Christ Church College at Oxford University for college.


What is Lewis CARROLL KNOWN FOR? He is best known for his classy fantasy novels ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (1865) and its sequel THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS, AND WHAT ALICE FOUND THERE (1871).

Photograph of Lewis CARROLL.:

Photograph of Lewis CARROLL.

Poem of Lewis Carroll.:

Poem of Lewis Carroll. Brother And Sister "SISTER, sister, go to bed! Go and rest your weary head." Thus the prudent brother said. "Do you want a battered hide, Or scratches to your face applied?" Thus his sister calm replied. "Sister, do not raise my wrath. I'd make you into mutton broth As easily as kill a moth " The sister raised her beaming eye And looked on him indignantly And sternly answered, "Only try!" Off to the cook he quickly ran. "Dear Cook, please lend a frying-pan To me as quickly as you can." And wherefore should I lend it you?" "The reason, Cook, is plain to view. I wish to make an Irish stew." "What meat is in that stew to go?" "My sister'll be the contents!" "Oh" "You'll lend the pan to me, Cook?" "No!" Moral: Never stew your sister. Lewis Carroll It rhymes and has hyperboles.

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