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Career Options After School :

1 Career Options After School Care Career Academy Care Career

Dilemmas for a student:

2 Dilemmas for a student Which career to target ? How to pursue a particular career ? Which Institute / College do I join ? Do I do what most of my friends are doing ? Would my parents & others accept it ? Do I study in India or go abroad ? Can I do it ? Care Career

What happens if these dilemmas are not addressed?:

3 What happens if these dilemmas are not addressed? Default choice Destiny Care Career

Conventional ways of choosing a career::

4 Conventional ways of choosing a career: Parents School Teachers/Counselors Peers Environment Fascination and Glamour Easy way out Care Career

Strongest Career Deciding Factor:

5 Strongest Career Deciding Factor Your Class X Board Performance Science Commerce Humanities Care Career

Ideal ways of choosing a career :

6 Ideal ways of choosing a career Areas of Interest Likes and Dislikes Strength and Weaknesses Personality Loads of Information Care Career

Management as Career Option :

7 BBA/BBS Eligibility: Above 50% marks in 10 + 2 Management as Career Option Care Career

BBA/BBS/BBM/BMS ..What is it ? :

8 BBA/BBS/BBM/BMS ..What is it ? A three year degree course-six semesters. First two semesters lay the basic foundation, covering core disciplines. Statistics, Economics, Organizational Behavior, and Financial Accounting. The second years builds on the first and introduces the students to topics like Market Research, Cost Accounting, Business Law, Financial Management, and Human Resource Management. The last two semesters chiefly consist of electives depending on one’s specialization. Options for specialization include Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Management Care Career

List of premier B school/ entrance test:

List of premier B school/ entrance test University/Institute Remarks College of Business Studies, New Delhi, 120 seats (BBS) Written Test – GD-Interviews Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi 60 seats (BBS) Written Test – GD – Interviews G G S University, New Delhi 130 + seats (BBA) Written Test – GD – Interviews UGAT, AIMA, New Delhi 180 seats (BBA) Written Test – GD – Interviews UCBS, HPU Shimla 60 seats (BBS) Written Test – GD – Interviews G. N. D.U, Amritsar 60 seats (BBS) Written Test – GD– Interviews DSEI, Agra 30 seats (BBM) Written Test – GD – Interviews C.C.S.U., Meerut 1000 + seats (BBA) Written Test – GD – Interviews Mumbai University, Mumbai 600 + seats (BMS) Written Test – GD – Interviews Lucknow University, Lucknow 30 seats (BMS) Written Test 9 Care Career

What are the premier B. Schools looking for? :

10 What are the premier B. Schools looking for? Aptitude with Commitment Personality Consistency in performance Care Career

Written Exam Details :

11 Written Exam Details Subjects No. Of Questions Business Awareness 40 General Awareness 20 Quantitative Aptitude 30 Reasoning 30 English 30 Care Career

Parameters for Admission:

12 Parameters for Admission Parameter Weightage Written exam 50% Academic Performance 20% Personal Interview 20% Group discussion 10% Care Career

Career Prospects :

13 Career Prospects Entry level professional jobs as Management Trainee or Exec. Trainee in: Finance FMCG Consultancy Banking Information Technology Consumer Durables Advertising Care Career

Career Paths :

14 Career Paths Enter the corporate world Work Experience ~ MBA MBA ~ Work Experience Care Career

Preferred skills :

15 Preferred skills Ǿ Leadership Ǿ Team player Ǿ Interpersonal skills Ǿ Numerical computation Ǿ Analyze and interpret data Ǿ Coordinating activities Ǿ Cross cultural skills Care Career

Medicine/ Surgery as a career option:

16 Medicine/ Surgery as a career option MBBS BDS B.V.Sc BHMS BAMS BUMS/BUMMS Care Career

MBBS - what is it ?:

17 MBBS - what is it ? 5 and half years inclusive of 6 months of internship 1 year of house job 2 yrs of specialization MD/MS Care Career

Career Options:

18 Career Options Anesthesiology Cardiology Dermatology Gastro enterology Ophthalmology Obstetrics & Gynecology Pathology Pediatrician Aviation Medicine Nuclear Medicine Nephrology ENT Hospital Administration Care Career

Career Paths:

19 Career Paths Organized health sector Polyclinics Govt. hospitals and colleges Do your own thing Medical Officers Care Career

Premier Institutes/Competitive Entrance Exams:

20 P remier Institutes/ C ompetitive Entrance Exams CMS, Vellore AIIMS, N. Delhi IMS, BHU JNMC, Aligarh JIPMER, Pondicherry MGIMS, Wardha AICBSE PM/PDT AFMC, Pune DPMT, Delhi CPMT, UP CET, Karnataka EAMCET, AP CMEET, Bihar CEE, Kerela Care Career

Entrance method:

21 Entrance method Objective questionnaire in MCQ format Negative marking and time constraints Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany Special components – Assertion Reasoning G.K. Gandhian thought Latest advance in biology Care Career

Preferred skills:

22 Preferred skills Scientific aptitude Ability to correlate and collect information Learning attitude Cool temperament Humanitarian Manual dexterity & Stamina ° Care Career

Engineering as a career option:

23 Engineering as a career option B.Sc. (Eng) /B. Tech /BE Less a career, more an expertise which opens doors into a vast range of jobs Care Career

B.Sc. (Eng)/B. Tech/BE Four year degree program comprising of eight semesters :

24 B.Sc. (Eng)/B. Tech/BE Four year degree program comprising of eight semesters Aerospace Mechanical Environmental Ceramic Metallurgical Instrumentation Chemical Mining Marine Civil Petroleum Naval Architecture Computer Textile Electrical Agricultural Electronics Biochemical Industrial Bio medical Care Career

Premier Institutes/Competitive Entrance Exams:

25 P remier I nstitutes/ C ompetitive E ntrance E xams IIT-JEE AIEEE DCE BIT, Mesra & Pilani ZHCOET, Aligarh REC s/NIT Care Career

Preferred skills:

26 Preferred skills S cientific temperament H igh academic ability A nalytical & Numerical skills A bility for team work O rganizing ability Care Career

Strategy for preparation:

27 Strategy for preparation Start early SWOT Trend of exam Understand concepts, follow up with questionnaires & Keep benchmarking Individual preparation /Expert teachers/ Institute Work hard ► W ork smart Care Career

Career Paths :

28 Career Paths Tech jobs MBA → Job Civil services Academics Care Career

Information Technology :

29 Information Technology B.Sc. (H) CS BCA Initial focus on building a strong base in Math's, Statistics and Electronics with basic concepts of computers and exposure to programming languages Once the basics in Math's and Electronics are firm, more emphasis is given to Computer Science, Programming and Software Engineering. Project work is essential. Initial focus is on computer fundamentals and programming. Later covers PC software, various languages and operating systems platforms etc. Care Career

B.Sc.(H)CS / BCA :

30 B.Sc.(H)CS / BCA Eligibility’s criteria ► 10 + 2 with Maths (with exceptions ) ٭ Even when a course is open to students without a background in Maths at 10 + 2. Level, still competency and interest in Maths are vital for success in such programs. ٭ Practical work present but much of the learning is purely theoretical. ٭ Should be followed by M.Sc./MCA or alternative high end training / certification for best job options. Care Career

List of Premier Competitive Entrance Exam:

31 List of Premier Competitive Entrance Exam Delhi University Jamia Hamdard University Jamia Millia Islamia GGS. IP University BITS IITs UGAT, AIMA CCSU, Meerut Care Career

Written Exam Pattern , B.Sc. (H) CS, Delhi University:

32 Written Exam Pattern , B.Sc. (H) CS, Delhi University Subject No. of Questions Suggested Time Higher Maths 75 100 minutes Reasoning 50 60 minutes English 25 20 minutes Care Career

Preferred Skills/Attitudes:

33 Preferred Skills/Attitudes Communication skills (written and spoken) Logical bent of mind Numerical Ability Creativity and interest in high technology Constant updating Wider job profiles Care Career


34 Law NLS ► Be a legal luminary Law is a fundamental social institution. Law established the premises, defining the rights and obligations of a person. Care Career

NLS……..What is it ?:

35 NLS……..What is it ? NLSIU offers a five year integrated BA LLB (Hons.). The five year program was introduced with the intention of attracting talent at a younger stage and then training them in a comprehensive manner in law and related disciplines. Care Career

Premier law schools offering the Integrated Law Program:

36 Premier law schools offering the Integrated Law Program NLSIU, Bangalore NALSAR, Hyderabad NUJS, Kolkata NLS, Jodhpur Faculty of Law, AMU Faculty of Law, Delhi University University College, Hyderabad Care Career

What are the Premier Law Schools looking for ::

37 What are the Premier Law Schools looking for : Confident personality Logical bent of mind Quick brain Creativity Resilience Self confidence Contextual knowledge Good voice Some of the qualities are personal attributes inherent in persons while others may be cultivated over a period of time with motivation and guidance Care Career

Exam Pattern for NLSIU :

38 Exam Pattern for NLSIU Subjects No. of Questions English 40 General Awareness 45 Legal Reasoning 45 Logical Reasoning 40 Numerical Ability 30 Care Career

Career Paths :

39 Career Paths Criminal Law Constitutional Law Custom and transportation Law Defense services Real Estate International Law Labor Law Family Law Excise Law Care Career

Career Prospects:

40 Career Prospects Litigator Legal manager (Company/Consultants) Partner in a Law firm Social Advocate Academic World Care Career

Fashion Designing as a career:

41 Fashion Designing as a career Under Graduate Diploma in FD/AD by NIFT Care Career

NIFT (FD/AD) – What is it?:

42 NIFT (FD/AD) – What is it? Three year six semesters program, initiates with basics of sketching, Elements of Design CAD, Draping, Indian and world Art Appreciation, Fabric studies, Embroidery. Market research principles, Grading, Production and Surveying, Fabric research and sourcing, marketing strategies Special modules – men's wear, theatre costumes, children wear, Internship, Term garments, Graduation Fashion show. Care Career

NIFT Centers:

43 NIFT Centers Centers offering FD New Delhi Mumbai, Kolkata Chennai, Hyderabad, Gandhinagar Centers offering AD Specialisations New Delhi Gandhinagar Jewellery and Precious Products Hyderabad Interior products and Mix media Bangalore Personal Product and Interior Accessories Chennai Footwear and leather Care Career

What is NIFT looking for ?:

44 What is NIFT looking for ? Aptitude Vivid Imagination Aesthetics and Presentation Inventiveness Aptitude for visual expression Ability to research information Organizing and analyzing material Trends and reasoned judgments Curiosity, Passion and Networking Care Career

Entrance Exams Details:

45 Entrance Exams Details Creative Object on a theme or subject Scenario Designing a /gift/ game/flag/scarf/ window display / emblem/memento Interview Subject Numerical ability Quantitative Ability English Creative Ability Care Career

Career Prospects:

46 Career Prospects Export Houses – garment, Textile/handloom/apparel. Retail and wholesale garment businesses in male/female/children in sportswear/ casual wear/formals Haute couture Govt./semi govt. avenues – Handloom and Textile manufactures Fashion Show organizers/Fashion Publishers TV or Film – Fashion program Producers/ Fashion Designers Do your own thing Care Career

Preferred skills:

47 Preferred skills Ability to see fashion in a broader context than just clothes. Aptitude for visual expression -DCPMEC &T Ability to organize, analyze and predict trends Curiosity and interest in society, economies, and environment Passion for excellence, and innovation Networking Care Career

Hotel Management as career:

48 Hotel Management as career Three year diploma by NCHMCT Four year Degree programs by Universities One year Post-graduate Diploma by institutes Care Career

Three year Diploma by NCHMCT:

49 Three year Diploma by NCHMCT Deemed Degree program Comprehensive course combining an extensive educational curriculum with industrial training. Courses on Food production, front office operations, accommodation operation, financial accounting, computer applications, French, English, nutrition and food science, Food and beverage service etc. Care Career

Premier Institutes / Competitive Entrance Exams :

50 Premier Institutes / Competitive Entrance Exams Joint Entrance Test for 24 Hotel Management Institutes conducted by National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology Calcutta Srinagar New Delhi Lucknow Ahmedabad Goa Chandigarh Gwalior Jaipur Mumbai Chennai Hyderabad Bhopal Bhubaneshwar Care Career

What are Hotel management institutes looking for?:

51 What are Hotel management institutes looking for? Care Career

Written Exam details:

52 Written Exam details Subject No. of Questions General Knowledge 50 Reasoning 50 Scientific Aptitude 25 Numerical Aptitude 25 Reading Comprehension 25 English 25 Selected students are subjected to Interview and Group Discussion by the individual Institutes. Care Career

Career Prospects:

53 Career Prospects Star Hotels Hotel and Tourism Associations Airline catering and cabin services Cruise ship Hotel management Hospital Administration and catering Club Management Govt. and catering departments: Railways, Armed Forces, and Universities Restaurant management Care Career

Architecture as a career:

54 Architecture as a career (B.Arch.) Care Career

B. Arch. …. What is it ?:

55 B. Arch. …. What is it ? 5 year graduate program Architecture – Drawing, Practical Mathematics, History of architecture, Theory of structure, Surveying draftsmanship, structural design, Materials Science, Building control etc. Planning – Civic design, Urban renewal, housing, land use, transportation system Care Career

Premier Institutes/competitive Entrance Exam:

56 Premier Institutes/competitive Entrance Exam SPA (AIEEE) University of Roorkee (B.Arch & MURP) TVB School of Habitat Studies, N. Delhi SAP, Chennai IIT, Kharagpur CEPT, Ahmedabad Care Career

What are Premier Architecture Institutes looking for ?:

57 What are Premier Architecture Institutes looking for ? Ability to communicate ideas visually. Ability to conceptualize and understand spatial relationships Practical & creative mind. Visual orientation. Care Career

Entrance Test Details:

58 Entrance Test Details Aptitude Test (Reasoning, English, Commitment) Physics Chemistry Maths Care Career

Career Prospects :

59 Career Prospects Govt. Avenues Private architectural firms Do your own thing Care Career

Civil Services as a Career option:

60 Civil Services as a Career option CSE conducted by UPSC Care Career

CSE – What is it ?:

61 CSE – What is it ? Three stage examination comprising of a Preliminary examination, Main Examination and Interview Selects candidates for about 750 vacancies in 27 services coming under the umbrella of Civil Services such as IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS etc. Care Career

Entrance Procedure – 1.Preliminary Exam (Prelims):

62 Entrance Procedure – 1.Preliminary Exam (Prelims) Screening Exam Objective exam in MCQ format without negative marking Optional subject – 300 marks – 2hrs - degree level General Studies – 150 marks – 2hrs - +2 level Prelims is conducted in May with result declaration in July Care Career

Stage – II Main Exam:

63 Stage – II Main Exam 13 times the actual requirement are selected for mains Comprises of 9 essay type papers in a subjective format Paper I – Indian language – 300 marks Paper II – English – 300 marks Paper III – Essay – 300 Paper IV & V – General Studies – 300 marks each Paper VI & VII – Optional subject – I – 300 marks each Paper VIII & IX – Optional subject – II 300 marks each Care Career

Stage – III – Personal Interview:

64 Stage – III – Personal Interview Double the actual requirement are selected for the Interview Purpose is to assess the personal stability suitability of the candidate for a career in civil service Questions asked are on matters of general interest. Assessment of intellectual qualities, social traits and interest in current affairs Parameters of testing are mental alertness, critical powers of assimilation, clear and logical exposition, balance of judgment, variety and depth of interest, social cohesion and leadership, moral integrity. Care Career

Commercial Pilot:

65 Commercial Pilot Student Pilot License (SPL) Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Care Career

Stage – I:

66 Stage – I Class X pass with 16 years of age Medical fitness certification from Central Medical Establishment, Subroto Park, New Delhi Institute of Aviation Medicine, Manglore Care Career

Stage – 2:

67 Stage – 2 Oral Exam in Air regulation, Aviation Meteorology, Air navigation and Technical subjects. Dual Flight – 15 hours. Overall 60 hrs of flying including 20 hrs of solo flight and 5 hours of cross country flying. Conducted of Govt. sponsored flying clubs on first Monday of every month. Care Career

Stage 3:

68 Stage 3 Written Exam on Air regulations, Aviation meteorology, Air navigation, Aircraft engines, Seamanship, GA, Physics, Maths etc. 17 years of age, 10 + 2 Medical fitness certification from AFCME or IAM 250 hrs of overall flying for PPL + 190 hrs of flying for CPL Care Career

Preferred skills:

69 Preferred skills Peak physical condition with good eye sight & color vision. Ability to take split second decision. Above average intelligence. Technical skills. Unflappable. Pro-active. Care Career

Career in Merchant Navy:

70 Career in Merchant Navy Commercial cargo fleet handling Care Career

Entrance procedure – IIT-JEE route, Certificates of competency:

71 Entrance procedure – IIT-JEE route, C ertificates of competency Navigation T.S. Chanakya (Rajendra) 3 yr B. Sc. (Nautical Science) Master ► Chief Engineer Engineering MERI, Calcutta 4 yr B. Sc (Marine Engineering) Chief Officer ► Second Engineer Care Career

Job Profiles:

72 Job Profiles Navigating Officers Ship navigation Cargo handling Ship maintenance Passenger safety Code of conduct Master of ship Marine Engineers Operating and maintaining the ship’s main engines, auxiliary machines, and safety equipments Chief Engineer of ship Care Career

Preferred skills :

73 Preferred skills Sound in academics Practicality Resource fullness Pro-active Care Career

Defence Services :

74 Defence Services NDA / Naval Academy Eligibility 1. 10+2 ( Maths & Physics ) Criteria 2. Age - 16½ to19 yrs 3. Physical Fitness Care Career

Stage 1. Written Exam:

75 Stage 1. Written Exam Mathematics 300 marks Syllabus Arithmetic, Mensuration, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics General Ability Test English - Vocab, EU, RC 200 marks GK - Physics, Chemistry, General Science, History, Freedom Movement, Geography, Current Awareness, GK, Economics - 400 marks Care Career

Stage 2. Do you have in you :

76 Stage 2. Do you have in you Personal Interview Intelligence Tests ( Verbal & Nonverbal ) Group Tests GDs, Lecturette, Group Planning Exercise, Group Obstacle Race, Outdoor Group Tasks, Progressive Group Task, Half Group Task Pilot Aptitude Test Mental Calibre, Social Traits, Interest, Commitment Care Career

On selection in NDA:

77 On selection in NDA Army IMA, Dehradun Navy AFA, Hyderabad Air Force Cadet Training Ships 3 Years Graduation Degree from JNU Care Career

Required Skills & Attitudes :

78 Required Skills & Attitudes Intelligence Initiative Reasoning Determination Courage Self confidence Sense of Responsibility Communication Skills Split second decisions Loyalty to Nation Judgement (under stress) Care Career

Chartered Accountancy–as a Career 0ption :

79 Chartered Accountancy–as a Career 0ption CA from ICAI Care Career

C.A. – What do they do:

80 C.A. – What do they do Global Corporate Change Management Assurance & Performance measurement services Stoke holder value creation Strategic Management General Practice Financial Reporting Tax – compliance, advice, planning Care Career

Preferred Skills & Attributes:

81 Preferred Skills & Attributes Numerical Aptitude Data Interpretation Determination Diligent Resourceful Tact Communication skills Care Career

Entry into the Profession→Stage-1:

82 Entry into the Profession → Stage-1 X+2 Graduation/ICWA/CS (f) ▼ ▼ PE-1 PE-2 (10 months) (10 months) --------------------------------- ▼ ▼ Articled Clerk Audit Clerk Trainee under CA for 3 y RPS of CA FOR 4 y Care Career

Entry into the Profession→Stage-2:

83 Entry into the Profession → Stage-2 Enroll for CA Final ▼ CA Final Exam ▼ Membership ICAI Care Career

Company Secretary ship – as a Career Option :

84 Company Secretary ship – as a Career Option CS from ICSI, Lodi Road, New Delhi Care Career

Career Prospects for a C.S.:

85 Career Prospects for a C.S. Banks Consultant Stock Exchange Corporate Sector Company Law Board Financial Institutions Advisor to one or more companies Care Career

Preferred skills & Attributes:

86 Preferred skills & Attributes Communication skills Numerical skills Legal Aptitude Awareness Methodical & Systematic Approach Care Career

PowerPoint Presentation:

87 10 + 2 Graduate /ICAI/ICWAI ▼ ▼ Foundation Course Intermediate Course (Postal Coaching , 8m) (Postal Coaching , 8m ) ▼ ▼ Foundation Exam Inter Exam ▼ CS Final Entry into the Profession – Stage I Care Career

Entry into the Profession – Stage 2 (C.S. Final):

88 Entry into the Profession – Stage 2 (C.S. Final) ► CS Inter ► Enroll for C.S. final ♦ 15 m training with a C.S. +15 day training with ROC, Stock Exchange & SMTP ► Final Exam ► Member ICSI Care Career

Thank You:

89 Thank You If you have any further queries , kindly contact us at :- nrfaridi or 08006500065 Care Career

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