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HR Restructuring at nissan:

HR Restructuring at nissan Presented by : Pawni Gupta (135) Neha (137)

Tracing back …:

Tracing back … Established in 1933 by Aikawa ( renamed as Nissan in 1934) It is a multinational automaker headquartered in Japan. Nissan (Japan) is amongst the top three car manufacturers in Japan and the top five in the world. In 1999, Company joined with Renault SA, a French automobile manufacturer aiming to achieve profitable and balanced growth .

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Aikawa mainly focused on diversifying into other industries and didn’t pay attention to Nissan No proper HR policies. Conflicts b/w management & workers even 100-day strike Lack of direction & discontinuity of top management led to weak culture Followed Japenese practices resulted in poor work- family life balance

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Boom in Japanese economy resulted in increase in debt Nissan had no goal or vision No proper product planning process This all led to financial loss to the company.

Alliance with Renault:

Alliance with Renault In 1999, Nissan entered an alliance with Renault ( a French Company) ‘Carlos Ghosn ’ , the COO of Renault was appointed as COO of Nissan And this decision changed the life of Nissan

Nissan at its Best …:

Nissan at its Best … Selected as one of the ‘ 101 Best & Brightest Places to work in Southeast Michigan’ In 2008, it won appreciation for its ‘Women in the Driver’s Seat’ initiative ‘ The Nissan Way’

The Shock Treatment:

The Shock Treatment After extensive touring, Ghosn listed down five factors for the decline of Nissan: Lack of clear profit orientation Insufficient focus on customers and too much focus on chasing competitors Lack of cross functional, cross-border and intra-hierarchical lines of work in the company Lack of a sense of urgency No shared vision or common long-term plan

Revival Plan :The Ghosn way ..:

Revival Plan :The Ghosn way .. He brought few experts from Renault to Nissan, The board size was reduced to 10 from 37. Out of 148000 employees , approx 14% were asked to take up early retirement, opt for part time. Sought talent from outside as well. Diversity was paid attention ( cross-culture )

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Concentrated on 3 areas : Recruited young talent from universities Designed new salary structure ( introduced ESOP also) Emphasized on open communication Treated employees as its strength

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Appraisal 100% appraisal if the performance is continuous and no repetition of work Training & Development 5 off the job days training is mandatory specially Leadership training to managers Incorporated ‘ Career Coach System’ for career development of employee

Principles of Nissan:

Principles of Nissan Foster a culture of continuous improvement INVEST heavily in training GET trade unions on your side INVOLVE the workforce in business issues ALLOW individuals to choose the right work-life balance EMPOWER employees to find their own solutions

Nissan now ..:

Nissan now .. As of Feb. 2011 , Nissan standardized all the HR practices across the company Invested in a dynamic employee portal where all HR related info is available 24*7 Ghosn worked to establish the Nissan Management Institute , which mainly focused on leadership development

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