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Slide 3:

Partial Highlights 01 Protect your client with a gown and towel. To begin, take a centre parting as a base…

Slide 4:

Partial Highlights 01a …dividing the hair into 2 triangular sections from the hairline to the crown.

Slide 5:

Partial Highlights 02 Use clips for control, keeping the hair out of the face.

Slide 6:

Partial Highlights 03 Start on one side.

Slide 7:

Partial Highlights 04 Take your first section according to the natural hairline.

Slide 8:

Partial Highlights 05 Initially, take a ½” deep section and divide in half to create a thin slice.

Slide 9:

Partial Highlights 06 Weave out strands using a tail comb.

Slide 10:

Partial Highlights 07 Take your foil and place the woven section over the foil (below the selection of hair). Use your tail comb to support and create a strengthened fold, without pre-folding.

Slide 11:

Partial Highlights 08 Apply the product to the lengths first…

Slide 12:

Partial Highlights 08a …then carefully up to the scalp area, taking care not to go over the edge of the foil.

Slide 13:

Partial Highlights 09 Fold the foil in half, aligning the two corners.

Slide 14:

Partial Highlights 10 Continue the same process from the front hairline to the crown.

Slide 15:

Partial Highlights 11 Continue with the same process on the other side, taking a diagonal section according to the natural hairline and working from the hairline to the crown.

Slide 16:

Partial Highlights 12 Now control the colour result of the first side and, if needed, rinse the product out…

Slide 17:

Partial Highlights 12a …Leave the other side of the head until you have achieved the same result or according to manufacturer's instructions.

Slide 18:

Partial Highlights 13 Finished look 1.

Slide 19:

Partial Highlights 14 Finished Look 2.

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