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Basilica Santuario di Santa Rita da Cascia Photographs and original elaborations of Antonio Florino Automatic feed except the slide 2

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The Basilica of St. Sanctuary Rita in Cascia offers all visitors a significant opportunity for reflection and prayer. Our God has given us in S. Rita a unique example of love. The love was his life force and love was always guided in the various moments of his life as a wife and mother first and then as Augustinian nun. Great is truth, his readiness to forgive, his desire for peace, his ability to live suffering. Anyone who approaches his message can not be attracted by the richness of its virtues. Virtues that she drew the great school spirit of his patron St. Augustine. Student of Blessed Augustine Simone da Cascia , who lies beside her, and fascinated by S. Nicholas of Tolentino , who was also an Augustinian, Rita is a glory of the Family of St. Augustine, which has always continued his work at the Basilica Shrine of Cascia . Basilica Sanctuary renewed and enriched in the middle of last century, Bands from Blessed Maria Teresa, Superior of the Monastery, which is also revered next to Rita. The first stone of the church of St. Rita of Cascia was laid June 20, 1937, only ten years later, on May 18, 1947, the building was consacrato.L 'current appearance is, however, due to the wish of Pope Pius XII and work first and then the Mgr Spirit Chiapetta Martinenghi architects and heat. It should not be forgotten, however, the economic contribution of the many devotees of Saint Rita of Cascia around the world and the unceasing work of the Abbess Mother Teresa bands. The Basilica, lined with typical white travertine quarry in Tivoli, un'impianto has a Greek cross with four large central dome and apse side to dominate the presbytery. The artist has sculpted Eros Pellini on the main portal episodes in the life of St. Rita of Cascia and inside, in Carrara marble, the stages of the Via Crucis . Other modern artists of unquestionable reputation who participated in the construction of the building and furniture, the walls are painted by Louis Montanarini among others, Louis Filocamo , and Silvio Consadori Gisberto Ceracchini , the sacred vessels and altar are the work of Giacomo Manzu . Bologna Cesarino Vincenzi is the author of the oil painting of Mary Magdalene, the fresco in the entrance of the Basilica of St. Joseph and the beautiful ceiling fresco in the sacristy. The bare earth of Santa Rita rest now protected by the gate on the left still perfectly preserved. The Saint was born in 1381 in nearby Roccaporena and christened with the name "Margaret", according to the will of the father giving married, at first, to enter an Augustinian convent but according to those who were his most intimate aspirations. After 18 years of a troubled and violent marriage, her exemplary conduct drove her husband to convert. In a period of communal strife intestine husband was killed by the family of Casciani , "Margaret" to avoid bloody revenge and endless cross, forgave their neighbors and found acceptance in the Augustinian Monastery of the Sisters of Mary Magdalene. In 1442, the night of Good Friday, he received the stigmata from a thorn from the crown of the crucifix, which according to tradition, stuck to his forehead. He died May 22, 1447, and though it was an object of veneration in the last years of his life, only in 1628 was beatified by Pope Urban VIII, and only 24 May 1900 was sanctified by Pope Leo XIII. Blessed Mary of the band. Maria Teresa was born in Torriglia (Genoa) 27 December 1881. In his little soul had to merge, right away, the grace of Baptism and Christian tone of the generous and powerful Genovese family, to compose the basis of his personality. The education received at the Sisters Gianelline , formed, perhaps, for her, a distant foreshadowing of the future. The monastic ideal sang early in fact the heart, but he had to pray very, very had to wait and suffer before they can understand, clearly, what was the oasis to which God had destined

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Body of S. Rita of Cascia

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The Source of Life

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Body of Blessed Mary of the Fasce

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bones of the Blessed Simon Fidati

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. The lower church was created to accommodate a very important relic, a miracle connected with the liturgical year, the Corpus Christi or Holy Relic, that is the page of the breviary of a priest in 1330 he went to Siena at the bedside of a dying man, putting the pages of book, irreverently, the consecrated host: when, arrived at their destination, he opened his breviary, he found it liquefied

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We spend a few minutes to admire the views of the valleys around

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by Aflo antonio.florino@gmail.com With lighter heart take the way back. See you soon

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