Baby Diapers & Sanitary napkins row material supplier in china

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novia sanitary is leading manufacturer & supplier of high quality Raw material , baby diapers, sanitary napkins , sanitary disposable product for medical use.


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Sanitary napkins ● we manufacture sanitary napkins sanitary papper airlaind papper pads in all around asia and china.we manufacture best absorbent and disposable baby’s diapers and products. ● Ultra thin body ● 245mm length for daily use ● Cotton surface ● Top high quality material ● Sumitomo SAP from Japan ● Waterproof and breathable backsheet ● Strong adhesive at back wings ● Fuller from USA. ● Individual warpper

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Baby Diapers ● Disposable Diapers with wetness Indicator ● Anti Bacterial Super Absorbent Polymer SAP ensures complete dryness and prevents growth of bacteria ● Ultra Dry Top Layer ● Back Sheet available in PE Film/Cloth Like Film/Breathable Film. ● Plain/Printed Back Sheet. Printing can be up to 2 colors ● Sealing Tapes – Available with Normal PP Tape or with Velcro Tape. ● Available with or without waist band. ● Unique Leg Cuff to prevent side Leaking

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PE film for sanitary napkin and diapers ​ Supplier ● we are largest supplier raw material like PE film for sanitary napkin diapers. We are offering very low price and Best Quality Products in China ● Normal PE film: ● 1.Excellent water proof performance ● 2.Select physical function ● 3.Non-toxic tasteless and harmless to human ● 4.Super soft and silk hand feelingmake your products soft and comfortable ● 5.Excellent pringting performance ● ● Breathable PE Films ● 1. Outstanding Permeability ● 2. Breathable filmswith excellent and even moisture permeabilitycan dispose of heat and moisture effectively ● 3. Skin-friendly Softness ● 4. Breathable filmswith great hand feelmake your products soft and comfortable ● 5. Best Physical Properties ● 6. Breathable films have excellent elasticity properties.

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Non Woven Airlaid Paper Raw Material for Sanitary Napkins ● ES nonwoven for diaperspp nonwoven for diapers sss nonwoven for diapers non woven for sanitary napkins supplier ● Absorption of water oil and other liquids quickly ● Point break style processing easy to use ● With a dedicated paper tray and more convenient to use ● Reusable and durable cost savings Airlaid Paper Sanitary Napkins Non Woven

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