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New way to communicate on Chrome / FireFox /Safari


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NotifyVisitors Browser Push Notifications Siddharth Gupta Co-Founder NotifyVisitors +1 415 580 6216 +91 9818393398 New way to communicate on Chrome / FireFox/ Safari

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User Journey Demo :

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User Gives permission to receive browser push notifications

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Retarget Users through browser push notifications even when They are not on the site

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How BrowserPush changes Marketing With 20 Engagement rates

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One Time Integration Takes 10 minutes

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Very Simple One time Integration Simply paste 5 lines of Javascriptcode on your website footer Same as integrating google analytics code.

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Marketing Dashboard to Manage subscribers and Send Browser Push Notifications to specific customer segments

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Creating Notification

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Basic Targeting Rules

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Geolocation targeting rule

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Schedule notification in advance

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Subscriber Statistics

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Real time Push Notifications Analytics

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Multiple targeting rules Leave intent targeting - Time of day - Time spent on site Or specific page Based on location Of the visitor - Current url - Visit source url - Repeat or new visitor - Number of app launches - Number of pageviews - Device type - Browser type - Operating system type Visual selector to make Custom rules without Making Code changes. Scroll percentage Of current view

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Trusted by10000+ marketers in 25+ languagesaround the world 16

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