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Keynote presentation for the 2007 PNC/MLA Conference in Billings


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Web 2.0 and Medical Librarians: 

Web 2.0 and Medical Librarians Tech, Search, & Books By Greg R. Notess SearchEngineShowdown.com


Overview Changing Librarianship Web 2.0 Potential & Pitfalls Search Overlaps/Updates New Generation Challenges Book Searching

Changing Librarianship: 

Changing Librarianship Organization Teaching Reference

Organize / Collect: 

Organize / Collect Increasingly complex E-collections in catalog -or- separate database -or- only via PubMed? OpenURL, CrossRef Much still to solve


Teaching/Instruction One on one or Group As we push our resources Push instruction online Screencasting notess.com/screencasting/

Reference Service: 

Reference Service Face to face & phone continue Virtual increasing, via Chat Instant Messaging Social networking

Two Sides of Web 2.0: 

Two Sides of Web 2.0 Communication Frequent Focus Wikis, Twitter Blogs & Comments Social Networks Web Services Read/Write Web Software Online Sharable Embeddable



Web 2.0 Potential: 

Web 2.0 Potential Online files Access anywhere Shared Editing Zoho, Google Docs Embedding Content YouTube, Scribd

Comments, Community: 

Comments, Community YouTube & Other Video Sharing Comment, rate, respond, embed Presentations Online Comment, embed Scribd: Documents Online

YouTube & Scribd: 

YouTube & Scribd

Data Interchange: 

Data Interchange Embedding searchengineshowdown.com/test/embed.shtml YouTube Video on MySpace Spreadsheet on your Intranet RSS Feed for News and Website Scribd Docs on Web Pages

Web 2.0 Pitfalls: 

Web 2.0 Pitfalls Blogs: Quick Website msusymposium “Can’t find anything worthwhile”

RSS (Really Simple Syndication): 

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) RSS Potential PubMed Alerts, News feeds Quick communication But how many use it? Engineering Village RSS feeds and Blog button

Wiki Wake-Up: 

Wiki Wake-Up Shared Editing Rise on Intranets Conference Wikis Empty Wikis? Forums?

Hype Meter: 

Hype Meter How self centered? Blogs about blogging Diggs about Digg Wikis about wikis Beware closed conversations

Searching 2.0/Community: 

Searching 2.0/Community Best: General Search Engines Or Direct on Site MySpace, Facebook Del.icio.us Technorati & Other Blog Search Engines

Searching Current Interests: 

Searching Current Interests Tags at social bookmarking sites Del.icio.us for tech and buzz FURL for more professional? Connotea for scientific

Searching Difficulties: 

Searching Difficulties Web 2.0 Content Unindexed Embedded Content Not Indexed? Scribd ZohoSheet State Libraries Example

Custom Search Engines: 

Custom Search Engines Google Custom Search Engine google.com/coop/cse/ Swicki from Eurekster swicki.eurekster.com Yahoo! Search Builder builder.search.yahoo.com

Google Co-Op: Health: 

Google Co-Op: Health google.com/coop/topics/Health Need Account to Contribute Current Stakeholders Important Health Players

Multiple Medlines: 

Multiple Medlines Where Searched? Google, Scholar, Scirus, Live Academic Professional Audience Med Sites Where Not? Consumer-Oriented Med Sites . . . Sometimes

Search Overlap: 

Search Overlap Between majors Freshness of articles Web search engines Pubmed Other Medlines Google Scholar

"Chronic critical ischaemia of the legs“: 

"Chronic critical ischaemia of the legs“ PubMed on May 7th May 26th , found in Scirus ISI Web of Knowledge Medline But not in Google Scholar Live Academic Update Sept. 30 Still not in Web engines Google, Live, Ask, Yahoo But in Scholarly G Scholar, Live Academic

“... infliximab of refractory pyoderma ...“ : 

“... infliximab of refractory pyoderma ...“ PubMed on May 16th May 26th, not found in Scirus ISI Medline Google Scholar Live Academic Sept. 30 Update In Google Scholar Scirus Not Google Live Academic, Live

New Generation Challenges: 

New Generation Challenges Citation confusion Varying communication

Citations: Why & What?: 

Citations: Why & What? Why need to cite? What is the original source? Example en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evidence-based_medicine

No full text link: 

No full text link

Book Searching: 

Book Searching Amazon's "Search Inside the Book" Google Book Search Open Content Alliance Internet Archive Text Archive Live Search Books Individual publishers' initiatives

Full Text Searching: Books: 

Full Text Searching: Books New information source for searchers Searching, Not Reading Think About Potential Uses Limited Access, but Full(?) Search

Amazon Search: 

Amazon Search Limit to Books Database Look for “Search Inside” or “Look Inside” image Excerpt

Google Books Search: 

Google Books Search books.google.com Limited Access (May require logging in) Sample Pages (with publisher agreement) Snippet View (without agreement) Full View Or No Preview Available

Google, Amazon, Live: 

Google, Amazon, Live Have Old and NewBooks Amazon: As Reprints View Extracts Only, Log In to View How Much Depends on Publisher

Publishers’ Sites: 

Publishers’ Sites National Academies Press www.nap.edu 3,700 books online free

Search Well and Be Wise!: 

Search Well and Be Wise! Thank you! Questions?

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