Audience Engagement Apps For Boosting Audience Engagement

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Audience Engagement Apps :

Audience Engagement Apps Boosting Audience Engagement Boosting Audience Engagement

Easy-to-Use Solutions to Boost Your Audience :

Easy-to-Use Solutions to Boost Your Audience These days we have tons of tools online for the event/conference/meeting organisers to enable audiences interact made easy with the proceedings and help event organisers provide the best experience for their attendees. So here are some more audience engagement tools that can bring your event to life and get event more ideas on getting your audience fully engaged:

Audience Engagement App Platforms:

Audience Engagement App Platforms If events and campaigns are two of the strongest marketing way for your product and services offerings, Notchitup, multipurpose app best-in-class audience engagement app in the market. You can customize the Notchitup app with your event’s logo and design to promote your events and provide a comprehensive view of the online and in-person events lined up for them to register. Also, keep the attendees engaged with additional features like an instant feedback, live updates and conduct polls to gauge the trends of engagement during an event. Notchitup:

Audience Engagement App Platforms:

Audience Engagement App Platforms Glisser is an app that share slides to the audience’s mobile devices during their presentation. In turn, audience members can like, comment on or share those slides to their own social networks. Glisser:

Audience Engagement App Platforms:

Audience Engagement App Platforms The eventScribe another interesting mobile event app has multiple functions including the ability for participants to ask questions, post comments and connect with each other on a private social networking platform. EventScribe: Confrenz: Confrenz is an app that help your audience to give feedback on your event. The app also has social networking capabilities that enable participants to connect and communicate.


Conclusion By using tools that listed above makes it easier than ever to facilitate audience participation and get the atmosphere buzzing. So, what are you waiting for? Stay connected to your customer and create a win-win customer engagement strategy that boosts your brand value, while helping customers make informed decisions.

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