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We are experienced in all aspects of real estate closings, trust and legal documents, certifications, affidavits and much more. Our dedicated quality control department is diligent in its quest to insure your notary request is handled in a smooth and efficient manner, the very first time.


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Notary public los angeles:

Notary public los angeles Notary On The Run continues to set the industry standard for full service mobile notary and document signing services. With a database of over 20,000 certified signing agents, choosing Notary On The Run, Inc. is the surest way to guarantee professional, on time service for all of your mobile notary needs. With nearly a decade of experience in providing unparalleled certified signing services, we welcome you to join hundreds of other companies like you who are turning to Notary On The Run to bridge the gap between client and customer. Our role is to facilitate a smooth and hassle free loan closing experience. It is this understanding that separates us from our competition; your satisfaction is our guarantee.


Services Full Service, complete loan signing   Complete control & handling of your document package, escrow and title documents and attachments from the moment your order is received until your signed and notarized documents are returned as instructed Supplemental document signings Grant Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Amendments, Escrow Documents, Disclosures, Modification Agreements and others Legal Documents and Contracts Contracts, Purchase Agreements, Lease Agreements, Stock Options, Government Forms and Applications, Real Estate documents and more

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401(k)/403(b) An employer-sponsored investment plan that allows individuals to set aside tax-deferred income for retirement or emergency purposes. 401(k) plans are provided by employers that are private corporations. 403(b) plans are provided by employers that are not for profit organizations. 401(k)/403(b) loan Some administrators of 401(k)/403(b) plans allow for loans against the monies you have accumulated in these plans. Loans against 401K plans are an acceptable source of down payment for most types of loans. A summary of the public records relating to the title to a particular piece of land. If there are any title defects they must be cleared before a buyer can purchase clear, marketable, and insurable title. A acceleration clause is a clause in which your mortgage which allows the lender to demand payment of the outstanding loan balance for various reasons. The most common reasons for accelerating a loan are if the borrower defaults on the loan or transfers title to another individual without informing the lender.

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