Types of Green Card Categories

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Types of Green Card Categories

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Immediate Family Members Visas  Spouses of U.S. citizens  Unmarried children under 21 with one U.S. citizen parent  Parents of a U.S. citizen under 21  Step children or step parents of a U.S. citizen depending on the age of the child  Someone who adopted or was adopted by a U.S. citizen depending on the age of the child at the time of adoption

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Marriage Visas Marriage has special procedural rules. The BCIS can grant "conditional permanent residence" for those who are married to U.S. citizens while the full green card application process is completed.

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Work Visas Those moving to the United States because of a certain type of skill for employment may qualify for a green card if they fall into one of the preference categories established by the United States government. These preference categories are very limited and specific about the criteria required to receive a green card. Further quotas are established for each of these preference categories.

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Long Term Illegal Residents  United States for a long period of time may be eligible for a green card if:-  The illegal resident’s immediate family members are U.S. citizens

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