How to Locate Viruses Using the Attrib Command


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Step by Step Solution "How to Locate Viruses Using the Attrib Command". Call our Norton Support helpline for NZ +64-04-8879104 or Visit


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How to Locate Viruses Using the Attrib Command:

How to Locate Viruses Using the Attrib Command

Step 1 :

Step 1 "Click "Start"

Step 2:

Step 2 Click "Run"

Step 3 :

Step 3 In Search-box type in cmd.exe

Step 4 :

Step 4 Click on OK. Note: A new window Will Open .

Step 5 :

Step 5 First, type in the Infected Drive such as for example: dir/p C: Note DON'T HIT ENTER YET !

Step 6 :

Step 6 Type in the end switch such as s - h *. * /s /d and press Enter

Step 7:

Step 7 The command prompt will load all the files in your drive. Imp.: If you see anything suspicious E.g.: Autorun.inf or a .exe file. These files you need to watch out for .

Step 8 :

Step 8 If you see the .exe and the autorun.inf than you have just found a virus file

Step 9 :

Step 9 Note down the program's name and located (path of file ).

Step 10 :

Step 10 Rename the Autorun.inf so you can open it without activating the virus. Rename it as a ". rar " extension."

Step 11:

Step 11 "Go to start, and double click the My computer icon.

Step 12 :

Step 12 Select the tainted drive, that has the infected file. Find the program directory that contains autorun.inf.

Step 13 :

Step 13 Right-click on the file you renamed " virusfile " and choose "Delete .”

Step 14 :

Step 14 "Right-click on the ".exe" file and choose "Delete." You have now removed the virus from your computer's hard drive.

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For any Tech support dial our 24*7 Norton Support NZ number + 64-04-8879104

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