How To Turn Off The Norton Automatic Renewal Service

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Easy steps to turn off the Norton automatic renewal service for any support call Norton support number 1-844-888-3870 for more info visit our website here


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How To Turn Off The Norton Automatic Renewal Service:

How To Turn Off The Norton Automatic Renewal Service


Norton is a popular antivirus widely used for the protection of laptops, PCs and tablets. Norton provides the high class security to your devices. When you purchase the Norton product, you are registered for one year. After that you are automatically renewed to use the product for another year. So, if you are a Norton product user and want to turn off or cancel the Norton automatic renewal service then you have to follow the guide provided below in this article by Norton support. This article will provide you with some easy steps to cancel the auto renewal of your Norton antivirus. This will help you to stop the future automatic billing and renewal of your product. If you have purchased a new Norton product and want to cancel the renewal services then, these steps will be very helpful for you.


Steps To Turn-Off Automatic Renewal Service:


1. First, you have to sign in to your Norton account.


2. Now, search the product for which you want to cancel the renewal. Here you will see a link named 'Automatic Renewal' which is turned ON. You have to turn it off by moving the slider.


3. After that, a confirmation prompt will appear which will ask you to confirm the turning off of automatic renewal. Click on the 'Turn off' button.


4. After confirming you will be able to cancel the automatic renewal.


You can easily turn it on whenever you want by following the same procedure and moving the slider to ‘On’. However, Norton product prompts you renew your account when your registration is about to over. When your subscription will about to end, they will give you a message regarding the renewal of the Norton product. Then you can easily renew the product if you want to.


Renewal of the product is necessary as it keeps your product or antivirus up to date which keeps your system protected. If your product has expired and you haven’t renewed it then the product will no longer work properly. To make the product work properly you have to renew the antivirus regularly


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