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2 "Necessity is the mother of invention".  --Plato "Necessity is the mother of invention".  --Plato

Introduction : 

Introduction E-retailing AKA: e-Tailing selling of retail goods using electronic media, in particular, the Internet. coined in 1995 business- to- consumer (B2C) independent business model is a subset of e-commerce trust model electronic transaction process 3

Channels : 

Channels B2C Pure play –All customer interaction is online businesses like amazon.com or businesses that have evolved from a legacy business such as tesco.com. Partial play- Hybrid customer and partner relationships 4

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5 Pure play

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6 Partial play

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Essentials of E-Retailing : 

Essentials of E-Retailing Electronic retailing -direct sale of products, information & service via virtual stores on the Internet Extensions of existing retailers or start-ups.  Newer forms of businesses include: business process outsourcing, call center CRM, medical transcription, remotely managed educational & medical services and of course, electronic retailing. 8

Essential Ingredients for Internet Retailing Business Success : 

Essential Ingredients for Internet Retailing Business Success These essential components are: B2C’s attractiveness as an e-commerce portal Right revenue model Penetration of the Internet 9 E-Catalog Shopping Cart Payment Gateway

Support Services in E-Retailing : 

Support Services in E-Retailing Essential support services: Communication backbone Payment mechanism Order fulfillment Logistics 10

Advantages of E-Retailing : 

Advantages of E-Retailing Either an extension of the existing retail business or a new start-up Traditional brick-store retailers are placing more emphasis on their electronic channels and evolving into multi-channel retailers Advantages: Possibility of Low overhead Reach new markets Extend leverage of skills Grow revenues and profits Overcome traditional limitations Track customer shopping behavior Release barriers of time and space 11 Fewer stores, more digital shoppers

drawbacks of e-retailing : 

drawbacks of e-retailing Can lack emotional personal shopping experience Does not provide sensory support to the customer touch and smell Trust Product quality Sharing credit card information Customer service Shipping Advantages outweigh drawbacks 12 Apparel e-retailer Piperlime plans to open its first physical store

Success factors for e-retailing : 

Success factors for e-retailing Ability to develop a customer relationship The important factors are:  Strong Branding Unique Merchandising Value Addition Competitive Pricing Better CRM Better Distribution Efficiency Soothing Website Design Transparency in Services.  Use of social media 13 Retailers must ‘wow’ on social networks

Challenges of E-Retailing : 

Challenges of E-Retailing 1. Unproven Business Models 2. Requirement to Change Business Process 3. Channel Conflicts 4. Legal Issues 5. Ethical Issues 6. Security and Privacy Examples of Legal Issues: France Fines Ebay over Fake Vuitton Yahoo! Gets Backing in Nazi Memorabilia Case High-end fashion brand fights online counterfeiting in Italy (Moncler) Barnes Nobles Owes Sales Taxes 14

Global E-commerce : 

Global E-commerce Why don’t more companies sell internationally? Issues involved 15 Going Shopping? Go Global! A Guide for E-Consumers

Conclusion : 

Conclusion E-retailing isn't just about building a pretty website. Must consider: business plan, check out revenue models, identify alliances, integrate supply chain processes with e-commerce initiatives, planning for customer needs, support, market, competitors, etc. The most important concentration is focused on the back- end system. Customers keep coming back only if earlier shopping experiences have been pleasant & successful. 16

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