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Site Architecture:

Week 5 Site Architecture

Website Map:

Website Map Sequential Hierarchical Matrix Organic


Sequential Sequential Flow of language is the most basic type of information architecture. Sequential ordering is simplest, but only useful on a small scale. As sequentially ordered websites get more complex, links outside the sequential ordering a required.


Hierarchical Parent/child relationship “Not every node has children, but every node has a parent..” -Garrett


Matrix Elements of User Experience, "The Structure Plane"



Content Must Rule:

Content Must Rule When designing your Site Architecture, content must define your architecture.

Designing from the Top-Down or the Bottom-Up:

Designing from the Top-Down or the Bottom-Up Top-Down (architecture organizes content) Bottom-Up (content forms architecture)

Site map sketch:

Site map sketch

Finished Site map example.:

Finished Site map example.


References Garrett, Jesse James. The Elements of User Experience . New Riders Publishing, 2002 Vince Flanders’ suggested reading list for good design articles Web Site Architecture http://core.ecu.edu/engl/kaind/7766/notes/web/arch.htm

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