How Does E-Waste Recycling Help The Environment?

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Electronic waste is one of the most harmful forms of waste on our planet. It has been estimated that in the years 2014 and 2016, electronic waste globally rose seven percent. Read more here


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How Does E-Waste Recycling Help The Environment Electronic waste is one of the most harmful forms of waste on our planet. It has been estimated that in the years 2014 and 2016 electronic waste globally rose seven percent. The problem of e-waste is a severe one and should not be underestimated by companies governing bodies and consumers because the impact of global warming will get worse with time. Certified electronic recyclers provide an effective method of dealing with e-waste in a reliable and eco-friendly manner. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of recycling electronic waste:

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Diminishing the usage of virgin materials A kind of recycling that can decrease the amount of energy that is exhausted is urban recycling. The method consists of reclaiming raw materials like electronic waste. Also urban mining is way more cost-effective than mining virgin materials from the surface of the earth. The transportation of raw virgin materials also burns up huge amounts of energy as does the manufacture of virgin materials. Recycling of e-waste considerably decreases the amount of energy needed because extracting brand new commodities require a good amount of money time as well as energy that can be spent somewhere else. Decrease toxic materials from e-waste An excess of toxins is generated from electronic waste with lead being the most common toxic material generated. A lot of circuit boards comprise of heavy metals while batteries contain cadmium and lithium that can leak out in case they are not disposed of in an ethical and safe manner. Also a lot of LCD screens comprise of mercury while cathode ray tubes are formed of leaded glass that can greatly affect the environment if not disposed of in a proper manner. A lot of steps are required to be taken in order to decrease the amount of lead mercury cadmium chromium and other deadly materials from pervading the waste stream. Mercury is

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generally found in compact fluorescent lights and accounts for a neurotoxin that can kill in just a few minutes. A lot of materials that are not recycled end up in landfills where they rot and their toxic waste products ultimately reach the groundwater. Moreover the recycling process needs to be thorough and needs to be conducted only by a responsible ITAD company or electronic recycler that is wholly certified by the applicable regulatory agencies. Recovery of valuable resources Electronic recycling helps in recovering important natural resources. According to a study by the University of the United Nations companies are required to move a metric ton of ore to mine one gram of gold. Nevertheless by recycling electronic

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waste companies can extract the same quantity of gold from around forty used smartphones. Thus a lot of rare metals can be obtained from a range of common electronic devices like computers phones and tablets. There are also various geological warfare and conflicts that can be avoided or reduced by recycling of the electronic waste by recycling electronic waste. Recycling of e-waste can decrease a range of geopolitical conflicts and is also very eco-friendly and economically beneficial than extracting raw material from the surface of the earth.

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