The Steps in ITAD services

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From end to end, the most complete ITAD service includes the following steps: Deinstallation of assets. Hardware Data destruction and Sanitization. Logistics. Asset refurbishment. Asset remarketing. Disposition and Recycling. Reporting and certification. For more information, visit here


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The Steps in ITAD services Bringing new equipment in the office is easy but getting rid of the old one is difficult when you have to do it the right way. That’s why we have dedicated hardware data destruction and electronic recycling companies that offer ITAD services. Destruction of these IT assets takes a few steps. We will discuss these steps in the content. The complete end-to-end ITAD services include the following steps Deinstallation of Assets: Both hardware and software are disconnected from the company before handing over the IT asset to the electronic recycling provider.

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Hardware Data destruction and Sanitization: Every single data storage device is treated through several steps to completely erase the company’s data from the device. Asset Refurbishment: The assets that can be reused are refurbished by the ITAD service providers. Asset Remarketing: Once the IT assets that are refurbished and ready to use by any third party new areas are searched where they can be sold or remarketed. The company can decide either to donate the assets or to sell it to the other party. Disposition and Recycling: Once the equipment is left that cannot be resold or given they are handled as per the type of material they possess and the type of treatment they need. This ensures less environmental pollution and reduction in e-waste by the ITAD services providers.

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Reporting and Certification: It is necessary to keep the record of the IT assets and how they were treated and it is shared with the company whose IT assets those were.

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