E-Waste Management Strategies

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Solid waste consists of municipal waste, electronic waste, industrial waste, and biomedical waste. Globally, 40 million ton of e-waste is produced every year. To recycle this waste we need good electronic recyclers. See more at https://eridirect.com/


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E-Waste Management Strategies Introduction Solid waste consists of municipal waste electronic waste industrial waste and biomedical waste. Globally 40 million ton of e-waste is produced every year. To recycle this waste we need good electronic recyclers. E-Waste Electrical and electronic goods that are at their end-of-life stage are considered e-waste. These products often contain toxic and hazardous substances. For the same reason they are not dumped with the other waste material. The rate of e-waste generation is rising by 10 every year. The list of equipment that comes under e-waste  Telephones  Mobile Phones  Wires and Cables  Switches  Circuit Boards  Computer Parts  Electronic Data Storage

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Major Pollutants found by the electronic recyclers in the electronic waste  Arsenic  Barium  Cadmium  Chrome  Cobalt  Copper  Lead  Liquid Crystal  Lithium  Mercury  Nickel  Silver  Zinc Dumping the e-waste in the landfills or incineration are harmful to the environment and the people. Such waste should be treated by the ewaste companies as they know the right procedures of treatments. Once the electronic recycling providers receive the e-waste the segregation process begins. This is done so that e-waste can be treated depending on their category. Monitors LEDs monitors are treated separately. Storage devices are kept separate. Batteries and power supplies are destroyed separately and so on. Once the e-waste is treated and the scrap metal is generated it is sold to the electronic recycling providers that use that metal for other purposes. Precious metals such as gold and silver are recovered in the process. The electronic reclincyg providers need certifications from government bodies of respective countries to conduct e-waste recycling.

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