Benefits of Manual Therapy

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Manual therapy is a branch of physiotherapy that is used to provide relief from numerous conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, soft tissue pain, and TMJ pain and stiffness. Manual therapy has several benefits. Learn some of them here.


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Benefits of Manual Therapy:

Benefits of Manual Therapy Manual therapy is used to treat acute or chronic back or neck pain, headaches or migraines, tingling, numbness, weakness in an arm or leg, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, soft tissue pain, TMJ pain and stiffness. Here are some great benefits of manual therapy physiotherapy Delta.

Relieves Pain:

Relieves Pain After examining their patient, a physiotherapist prepares an individual treatment plan for the patient. The physiotherapist uses different manual therapy techniques that directly or indirectly target many anatomical structures or systems and relieve the pain.

Improves Range of Motion:

Improves Range of Motion Some musculoskeletal conditions reduce the movements of joints by affecting their flexibility and range of motion. Manual therapy improves the lost flexibility and range of motion.

Improves Performance:

Improves Performance Manual therapy techniques combined withpersonalized exercises can be helpful for athletes to improve their performance.

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Our Range of Services We provide a wide range of services, including: Active Rehabilitation Personal Training Physiotherapy Cold Laser Therapy Manual Therapy Spinal Traction Sports Injury Treatment One to One Yoga Registered Massage Therapy Electrotherapy Post Surgical Physiotherapy

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