How Create An AOL Account?


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you can simply create an AOL account by visiting the official page and then signing up for the same.


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How Create An AOL Account?:

How Create An AOL Account? Get all the details of AOL mail problems by Get Assist ’s Experts through Blogs and presentation.

Step: 1:

Step: 1 Go to the "AOL" Official page.

Step: 2:

Step: 2 then click on the option " Login/Join ".

Step: 3:

Step: 3 After this, click on " Create Account ".

Step: 4:

Step: 4 Enter " Your Name "

Step: 5:

Step: 5 Now Enter “ Username ".

Step: 6:

Step: 6 And then create a " Strong Password ".

Step: 7:

Step: 7 Provide your “ Phone Number ” to confirm your account.

Step: 8:

Step: 8 After this, fill in Your " Date of Birth ".

Step: 9:

Step: 9 Now hit the " Continue " Button.

Step: 10:

Step: 10 It's time to verify your phone number by clicking on " Text Me a Verification Code ".

Step: 11:

Step: 11 Enter the " Verification code " which came to your registered phone number.

Step: 12:

Step: 12 After entering the code, click on " Verify button ”.

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