Setup your Workstation with Ergonomic Chairs

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Tired of working on a PC or laptop? Choose best ergonomic chairs from No More Pain & Ergonomics which has deluxe, high back and kneeling choice for your needs, our chairs are healthy, comfortable and provide productive and comfort workplace through correct ergonomic setup.


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Setup your Workstation with Ergonomic Chairs

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Are you spending most of your waking hours in the office sitting on the chair (for long periods)? Then you should know that constantly sitting for long hours or periods can build up the pressure on your spine, which in turn can cause acute back pain and other health issues. Studies have shown that poor workstation setup cause approximately 75% of employees to suffer from aches and pains at some point and this equates to a significant cost in sick days taken. Furthermore, almost two-thirds of the employees in this study reported they relied on medication to manage their aches and pains caused by their workstation. Looking at all these issues it becomes important to ensure our workstation is appropriately setup with equipment such as an executive ergonomic chair, which will help in achieving better sitting posture thus eliminating all the mentioned issues or problems.

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While selecting an ergonomic chair check out the pneumatic seat height adjustment feature. A good ergonomic chair will have a height adjustable back rest and good lumbar support. Ergonomic chairs should have an arm height adjustment that fits your body type, which is easily adjusted. Getting a seat depth adjustment in the chair will help in reaching the desk comfortably and ensures there is enough room for your legs whether you have long, short or average legs. Chairs with a tilt mechanism support your back when you move and recline, which is a common feature of many ergonomic chairs.

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You can get a wide range of ergonomic chairs at No More Pain Ergonomics in an affordable price that will help in providing complete relaxation while sitting and working for long hours. Studies and research has revealed relaxation reduces the stress level, improves concentration, boosts confidence, balances your blood pressure, etc; you will get utmost relaxation by using our ergonomic chairs. Our product range such as ergonomic chair, ergonomic keyboard, ergonomic mouse, standing desk, etc, incorporates prescribed and recommended ergonomic solutions to provide you effective result. For more details about our ergonomic products connect with us on Facebook .

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