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Enterprise management software, also known as EAS (Enterprise Application Software), is purpose designed computer application employed to meet the requirements of a company instead of individual users.


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Enterprise management software also known as EAS Enterprise Application Software is purpose designed computer application employed to meet the requirements of a company instead of individual users. Service supplied by enterprise software are generally business-centric tools like online shopping online payment processing interactive product list automatic billing systems enterprise content management customer relationship management IT service management enterprise resource planning project management human resource management enterprise application integration enterprise forms automation.

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As enterprises have comparable departments systems in common enterprise application is often accessible as a set of adaptable programs usually the difficulty of these tools needs specialist abilities and precise knowledge. Definition of enterprise software: Enterprise software explains a set of computer programs with standard business software tools for modelling how the total organization functions and development tools for developing applications unique to the company. The application is designed to resolve an enterprise-wide issue instead of a departmental issue. Enterprise level application aims to enhance the enter prise’ s output and competence by offering business logic support functionality. Although t h e r e’ s no single broadly accepted inventory of enterprise software features they usually comprise performance scalability and strength. In addition enterprise software generally has interfaces to other enterprise application and is managed centrally.

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Enterprise software carry out business functions like order processing production scheduling consumer information management power management and accounting. I t’ s generally hosted on servers and offer real-time services to a huge number of users generally over a computer network. This is in opposite to a single-user program tha t’ s executed on a personal computer of a user and serves only 1 user at a time. Types of enterprise management software: Enterprise application can be classified by business operation. Each kind of enterprise application could be measured a “ s y stem” because of the addition with a compan y ’ s business procedure. Class of enterprise application may partly cover because of this universal analysis. For instance IBMs Business

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• Intelligence platform combines with a prognostic analytics platform and can get records from its database packages. Unclear lines amid package functions make delimitation tough and in several ways bigger software firms name these somewhat random categories. Nonetheless certain industry standard product classes have appeared and these are revealed below: • Business intelligence • Accounting software • Business process management • Customer relationship management • Content management system • Master database management • Enterprise asset m ana gement’ • Enterprise resource planning • Supply chain management

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