What Is No Names – NO NAMES

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What Is No Names – NO NAMES

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No Names is the latest and newest take on outdated dating applications with a unique approach. Unlike other dating apps and social networking platforms No Names allows its users to keep their dating and social life completely discreet while also enjoying complete control over who they meet where they go and what they do. To make app-based socializing and dating more user-oriented No Names gives people the liberty to run the application with their data and preferences. Our app’s users are intelligent independent and know what they want. Because we respect their individuality and need for privacy in a world where boundaries grow thinner every day we’ve handed them the reins to this aspect of their lives. What sets No Names apart from all the other apps out there The basic difference lies in the gist of the application i.e. Meetup Categories. We understand that each individual has his/her unique tastes and preferences and the app is designed around this core concept. These meetup categories each have their pros and cons depending on who you ask. One person may think that an evening at a club is a waste of time while for another it’s the perfect way to reduce stress after a long day at work. The same applies to practically any activity from exploring the great outdoors to staying in and watching a movie with friends.

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