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India Business Quiz with Answers:

India Business Quiz with Answers

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"We have learned that if we provide people with an occasion & an excuse to shop, they will come" are the Golden words of whom? Kishore Bayani (The Chairman of Future Group) What is the Title of Auto Biography of JRD TATA? Beyond the Last Blue Mountain What is the Title of Auto Biography of Krishna Kumar Birla? Brushes with History "It happened in India" is the Auto Biography of whom? Kishore Bayani (The Chairman of Future Group) "The End of Ecconomic Man" is the famous book written by whom? Peter F Drucker "Imagining India" recently published book authored by? Nandan M Neelakeni What is the Tag Line of Sony? Like No Other "India's Family Store" is the punchline of which brand? Pantaloon

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Name of the Family Store owned by Kumar Mangalam Birla? More "Net Safe Credit Card" is introduced by which Bank? HDFC Bank " Ab Khulke Jeeyo India" is the advertisement slogan of which company? Samsung What do you mean by ADAG? Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group "Kingfisher Red" is the former name of which Airlines? Air Deccan (that was taken over by Vijay Malya Group) Who is the founder of Air Deccan? Captain Gopinath "World's Local Bank" is the punch line of which bank? HSBC Bank What is the full form of HDFC? Housing Development Finance Corporation

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NASDAQ is an acronym for? National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations Expand ICICI? Industrial Credit And Investment Corporation of India "One Family One Bank" is the tagline of which Indian Bank? Bank of Maharashtra "Express Yourself" is the punchline of Airtel then "Experience Yourself" is the tagline of whom? Tamil Nadu Tourism "Celebrate Life" is the Tag line of which Company? Dabur Who was the founder of Dabur India Ltd.? S.K.Burman Babool Tooth paste is introduced by which company? Balsara According to an Advertisement Slogan, who is "Best Employer in India 2007"? Aditya Birla Group

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"Power of Simplicity" is the punch line of Tally, then "Sense & Simplicity" is the tagline of which company? Philips Which Company brings CNBC Channel in India? TV 18 "Inspire The Next" is the punch line of which company? Hitachi "Born in Japan Entertaining the World" is the tagline of which company? Sansui What is name of the series of mobile showrooms set by Reliance Communications? Web World Which Leadership Guru coined the term 'Transformational Leadership'? James Macgregor Burns Citi Bank co-brands cards for which oil company? HP (Hindustan Petrolium ) This company is "applying thought" which company? Wipro

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Harmony is the name of which companies' textiles? Wipro "Magic" is the brand name of which mobile company's Prepaid Card? Airtel Which car gives you "Fun on the Run"? Alto Who has been appointed as the CEO of the ICICI Bank with Effect from May 1, 2009? Chanda D Kochhar Who is the first Asian to be appointed as Deputy Speaker of Lord House UK? Lord Swaraj Paul Who is the present Finance Secretary of India? Arun Ramanathan With which form of Economy is the term "Laissez-faire" associated? Capitalist Economy SAARC aas formed in which month and year? December 1985

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Tata's Nano Project was shifted from Singur to which place? Sanand in Gujarat Next SAARC Meeting is held where? Maldives The 15th ASEAN Regional Forum Meeting was held at? Singapore Who is the present Chairman of SEBI? Chandrasekhar Bhaskar Bhave In the context of Mutual Fund SIP stands for? Systematic Investment Plan Source:

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