Invisalign – All you need to know about this teeth-straightening brace

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Invisalign – All you need to know about this teeth-straightening braces alternative You can now bring out that gorgeous smile on your face without any metal braces. Invisalign has now made it possible Invisalign otherwise known as transparent aligners are customized exclusively for your teeth. Unlike the traditional braces Invisalign is less painful and barely visible which makes you feel comfortable and confident. These ​teeth straightening braces has now become popular and most preferred among the people. From the current position of your teeth to the desired position everything is being captured using a 3D imaging technology. After which a series of aligners are customized accordingly. These aligners are changed every 2 weeks to enable the alignment of your teeth. Though the average time for this treatment is one year it may vary depending on each case. Sometimes the entire treatment may be over in just 6 months. This is quite an advantage when compared to the traditional metal braces which may take the longer period.

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Understand the process The moment you visit your orthodontist the Invisalign process starts by taking a mold of your teeth. Once the mold is ready you will be shown a customized video which will depict the entire process of the alignment of your teeth through Invisalign. If you are satisfied they would proceed to send your trays within three weeks. After which your orthodontist will schedule an appointment to teach you on the usage of Invisalign. In some cases your teeth may be filed on the sides for better shifting and some may require attachments which includes clear bumps glued to your teeth that requires more shifting than others. When compared to the traditional braces Invisalign is much comfortable and less painful. Anyways it takes some time for the tongue to get used to these trays while you talk. You can take off the trays while you eat but for better results wear it for at least 22 hours a day. NJ smiles for Invisalign The best treatment for ​Invisalign in Edison is done at NJ smiles. At Nj smiles we are equipped with the best ​Invisalign dentist in Edison ​. Our treatment includes quality ​Invisalign braces in Edison ​. We will also assure you with a fair cost for your Invisalign treatment with us. We are always committed to providing you with quality treatment and care. We are keen to build your confidence with that beautiful smile on your face Smile with Invisalign Source: ​ now-about-this-teeth-straightening-braces-alternative/

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