earth's surface and rapid change


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Earth’s Surface and Rapid Change:

Earth’s Surface and Rapid Change Big Question: What causes the Earth’s surface to change quickly?

Earth’s layers:

Earth’s layers 1. 2. 3. 4.


Layers Crust Top layer, consists of many different kinds of rock and magma (pockets of liquid rock) Mantle Second layer, made of extremely hot molten rock that can flow 2900 km thick Temperature 870*C to 3700*C Outer core Molten metals Inner core Dense solid ball of iron and nickel at center of earth

Test my knowledge on the earth’s layers:

Test my knowledge on the earth’s layers

Volcanoes Can Change the Earth’s Surface:

Volcanoes Can Change the Earth’s Surface Vent Opening or crack that reaches Earth surface; magma erupts from these openings Lava Hot molten rock that erupts from volcano and flows out Mt. Mazama Mt. St Helens Paricutin, Mexico

Some changes in landscape:

Some changes in landscape Mt. Mazama Top of the volcano collapsed, causing a caldera ( bowl shaped depression) and over time the sealed caldera filled with rain making Crater Lake Mt. St Helens Peak collapsed and the side of the mountain blew away Movement of debris 21 km away Mass wasting – movement of rock, snow, mud, or soil down a slope Paricutin, Mexico No mountain existed before eruption, afterwards, 369m volcano stood

What happened?:

What happened? Mt. Mazama Mt. St. Helens Paricutin, Mexico

Earthquakes Can Change the Earth’s Surface:

Earthquakes Can Change the Earth’s Surface Faults Weak broken areas, energy is released outward in waves New Madrid, Missouri Ground sank up to 3m and changed the course of the Mississippi river Alaska, 1964 Huge waves, causing serious erosion and property damage.

Changes on the Ocean Floor:

Changes on the Ocean Floor Mauna Kea – tallest mountain Stands 4207 M above sea level From the ocean floor it stands 9087 M

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