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Sources of Water : 

Sources of Water Big Question: How are freshwater sources different from salt water sources?

Why is water important? : 

Why is water important? Digest food Eliminate waste Control our body temperature What is water made of? H 2 O molecule 2 Hydrogen atoms 1 oxygen atom What is unique about water changing forms in nature? It can change naturally from solid, liquid, and gas.

Sources of Saltwater : 

Sources of Saltwater 97% of water on Earth is salt water Most of this is found in the ocean Some seas and lakes, such as Great Salt Lake and Dead Sea How do oceans get the salt? Could saltwater ever become drinkable? Saltwater

Theory of Formation of Atmosphere.. : 

Theory of Formation of Atmosphere.. Gases released include water vapor and carbon dioxide. Atmosphere contained high levels of carbon dioxide and no oxygen. Theory of formation of Oceans.. Water vapor collected in clouds Precipitation fell Water ran over earth carrying minerals such as salt Water flowed to low areas on Earth to create oceans.

Salinity : 

Salinity The amount of dissolved salts in ocean water Why is the Mediterranean Sea, (which is in a hot, dry climate), saltier than the Baltic Sea, (which is in a very rainy climate)? Which sea has a higher salinity?

Freshwater sources : 

Freshwater sources 3% of water on Earth is freshwater ¾ of freshwater is frozen Glaciers – huge masses of ice moving across land Icebergs – large masses of floating ice Precipitation Groundwater

Differences in water : 

Differences in water What are the best circumstances to drink freshwater? Few tiny organisms Spot far away from people and pollution Buoyancy Ability to exert an upward force on object is buoyancy More salt dissolved in water the more dense the water The Dead Sea

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