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The Popular Press : 

The Popular Press Media Studies Exam 2010 50% overall grade 3 hour exam What is The Popular Press?

Tabloid Newspapers : 

Tabloid Newspapers

Questions : 

Questions What newspapers are read at your house? Who buys it? Why is that the newspaper that is bought? Why bother with a newspaper anymore?

Task : 

Task In groups you need to analyse one tabloid newspaper. You need to look at the following: Main stories What else is important/newsworthy according to your paper? How much space is given to the following: Politics UK news World news Celebrity gossip Sport What does this tell you about the “ideology” or politics of the newspaper? What does it tell you about the target audience? Prepare to feedback your findings to the rest of the class.

Newspaper Websites Task : 

Newspaper Websites Task Look at the websites for all the tabloids: Daily Mirror, The Sun, Daily Star, Daily Mail, Daily Express Answer the following questions in your book: How are they similar/different to their print counterpart? Do you think they are successful websites? Give reasons for your answer? What elements of the websites improve upon the delivery of the news in the paper version? How do the websites target their audience? How could the websites be improved? How could the websites be altered to enable the paper to charge for content?

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