Tips to Protect Your Site from Negative SEO


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Negative SEO can spam a website and destroy a website by using malicious backlinks. The best SEO companies in San Francisco are well aware of this and take help from Google’s tools to nip this in the bud.


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Tips To Protect Your Site From Negative SEO - 2019


The evildoers of the Internet world now know how to create and use malicious backlinks through spamming and damage a site. Negative SEO is a real peril that website owners face today. This results in the website getting lost during organic searches. It ultimately leads to a loss of revenues. However, there are ways and means of defending against negative SEO. Given below are a few tips. © Copyright

Tip #1: Perform regular audits of backlinks :

Tip #1: Perform regular audits of backlinks This is good for any business and is practiced with diligence by the best SEO companies in San Francisco . This practice can save your website from a negative SEO attack. In the first place, this kind of audit from time to time will help to spot suspicious activity just when it occurs. If there are spikes in the linking domains graphs, there could be something amiss. Use of linking auditing software is recommended. Manual audits can also be done. © Copyright

Tip #2: Be aware of site speed:

Tip #2: Be aware of site speed If the website becomes sluggish for no apparent reason, it is a good idea to use scrolling software and check for any uncalled for activity. Forceful crawling can affect site speed. It can even cause the site to crash. In such a case, you should contact your hosting company and ask them to find out the reason for slow website speed. © Copyright

Tip #3: Scraped content :

Tip #3: Scraped content The best social media marketing services in the USA now place their bets on good quality content. However, the evildoers can copy good quality content from your site scrape it and copy it ad verbatim to many other sites. Sometimes they stop at claiming that the content is their own. Sometimes they do more harm by spamming your site. When your content is scraped, sometimes it may happen that their site is indexed before yours. In such a case, your site can be devalued. Your page ranking may fall. © Copyright

Tip #4: Monitor Google ‘My Business’:

Tip #4: Monitor Google ‘My Business ’ Someone can flood your site with negative and fake reviews to bring your ranking down. It is important to examine your Google My Business listing and check online reputation using social media listening software that is available. Digital marketing agencies in San Francisco like do this all the while for the well-being of their clients’ websites and retain them fruitfully. © Copyright

Tip #5: Keywords’ CTR awareness :

Tip #5: Keywords’ CTR awareness If you are not monitoring your keywords’ CTR, you may be unable to spot false SERP bounce rate created by attackers. Someone can end up programming a bot to land on competitor pages and made to bounce off creating a false rate. This is difficult to spot if you are not monitoring your keywords from time to time. © Copyright

Tip #6: Monitor your SERP ranking:

Tip #6: Monitor your SERP ranking As a website owner, you would realize the importance of your SERP ranking. A drop in rank may not be the doing of your site’s content but may be of malicious intent. Shady SEO’s can change your site’s important files and get them devalued and decrease their ranking. Negative SEO is not common but exists. It is important to use Google’s tools to spot problematic online hacks/ behavior and avoid negative impact on SERPs. © Copyright


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