Black Panther

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Black panther :

Black panther By David Z

There Habitat :

There Habitat The type of environment a panther lives in is a humid such as rainforest, marshland, swamps, and even mountains, also deserts. They mostly come out at day time.

Survival :

Survival Black panthers eat meat and other stuff. which is monkeys,reptiles,amphibians,birds, and fish. And black panthers can live up to 45 years of age. Normal by being stealthy and staying hidden if a black panther is getting attack it would fight very viciously. And also the panthers predators are us.

Physical Characteristics :

Physical Characteristics Black panthers can leap up to 20 ft high. Some male adults can weight up to 100-250 lbs. They are also very tall a full grown panther can reach up to 7 to 8 ft tall. And there speed that they can run is 35 mph. Also the name for a baby panther is called a Cub.

Adaptation :

Adaptation Black panthers are afraid of people they would usually hide out if they see you coming. They are also kind of endangered because some hunters are killing them. But some panthers are not that afraid of some people those people are cat experts they usually train them and treat them nicely.

Interesting Facts :

Interesting Facts Black panthers are also known as leopards and jaguars keen sense of hearing and sight They Have sharp jaws And they have sharp claws

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