Causes and consequences of depletion of flora and fauna

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Causes Of Depletion Of FLORA And FAUNA :

Causes Of Depletion Of FLORA And FAUNA

Causes Of Depletion Of Flora…..:

Causes Of Depletion Of Flora….. The greatest damage inflicted on Indian forests was during the colonial period due to the expansion of the railways, agriculture, scientific activities etc. Even after the independence, agriculture expansion continues to be one of the major causes of depletion of forest resources. Substantial parts of the tribal belts, have deforested or degraded by shifting cultivation (JHUM), a type of ‘slash and a burn’ agriculture.

Causes Of Depletion Of Fauna…...:

Causes Of Depletion Of Fauna…... Poaching Deforestation Urbanisation Industrialisation Agricultural expansion Mining

Consequences Of Depletion Of FLORA And FAUNA:

Consequences Of Depletion Of FLORA And FAUNA


Consequences….. The depletion of Forest Resources are grazing and fuel-wood. Many types of species of flora and fauna are extinct. The rapidly expanding urban economy is demanding a lot for flora and Fauna for their existence.

Some Facts….:

Some Facts…. 50% of the natural forest is destroyed in India. 40% of Indian’s mangrove have been wiped out. One-third of the India’s wetland are drained out. 70% of the India’s surface water bodies. are polluted.

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