managerial economics


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Managerial Economics:

Managerial Economics S. N. Dhote

Managerial Economics:

Managerial Economics A border line between management and economics Mgmt. deals with principles of decision making under uncertainties & improve effectiveness in organization Economics deals with optimization

Definition :

Definition Managerial Economics deals with integration of economic theory with objective of facilitating decision making and forward planning by management

Managerial Economic basis:

Managerial Economic basis Micro Economics Elesticity of demand Marginal Cost Marginal Revenue Market Structures Macro Economics (assists in forecasting) Magnitude of investment Level of employment Level of consumption National Income Level

Managerial Economics deals with following problems:

Managerial Economics deals with following problems Demands Analysis & Forecasting Production Function Cost Analysis Inventory Management Advertising Price System Resources Allocation Capital Budgeting Risk and Return Profit Planning and Investment Analysis Project appraisal Social Benefit Cost Analysis

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