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A Mutual fund can be preferable for any type of investment who are wish to know about what is mutual fund,and what are the various types of mutual fund.


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Mutual Funds Presented by Financ:

Mutual Funds Presented by Financ Website:-

What is Mutual Fund:

What is Mutual Fund Mutual Fund is the best scheme for investing money who are all wish to save money . Investing in a mutual fund can make easier than buying or selling individual stocks and bonds on your own . Investors can sell their shares when they want.

Types of Mutual Funds:

Types of Mutual Funds Close ended fund/scheme: A predetermined maturity period is called close ended fund or scheme. At the time the initial public issue i nvestors can invest in the scheme. Open ended fund/scheme: The most common type of mutual funds is open ended funds or scheme. Investors can choose to invest or transact in these schemes as per there needs. Interval scheme: Combination of both close and open ended funds are know as interval schemes. FMPs or Fixed maturity plans are examples of these types of schemes.

Benefits of Investing in a Mutual Fund   :

Benefits of Investing in a Mutual Fund   Some of the benefits of mutual Funds are listed below: Small investments Spreading risk Liquidity

How to choose a good Mutual Fund :

How to choose a good Mutual Fund   Investment objective: Investment objectives are defining like regular income , buying a home, finance a wedding, educating your children, or a combination of all these needs. Choose the right Mutual Fund: Once the investment objective is clear, the next step would be choosing the right Mutual Fund scheme. Services offered by the mutual fund and how investor friendly Transparency indicated in the quality and frequency of its communications


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