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Competencies :

5- 2 Competencies Describe the differences between system software and application software Discuss the four types of system software Discuss operating systems Describe Windows, Mac, OS, UNIX, & Linux

Competencies cont.:

5- 3 Competencies cont. Describe the purpose of utilities and utility suites Identify the five most essential utilities Discuss Windows utility programs Describe the device drivers including printer drivers

System Software:

5- 4 System Software Handles technical details Works with end users, application software, and computer hardware Four types of programs Operating system Utilities Device drivers Language translators

Operating Systems:

5- 5 Operating Systems A collection of programs that handles technical tasks Every computer has an operating system Performs three types of functions Manages computer resources Provides user interface Runs applications

Features of an Operating System:

5- 6 Features of an Operating System Booting Features in common with application software Icons Pointers Windows Menus Dialog boxes

Categories of Operating Systems :

5- 7 Categories of Operating Systems Hundreds of operating systems Three basic categories Embedded – hand-held Network OS – linked computers Stand-alone OS – desktop

More on Operating Systems :

5- 8 More on Operating Systems OS often called software environment or platform Operating systems commonly used by individuals Mac OS – powerful and easy to use UNIX – network; originally designed for Web LINUX – non proprietary; free off Web

Windows :

5- 9 Windows The most popular microcomputer operating system Comes in a variety of different versions Windows XP is the latest version

Mac OS:

5- 10 Mac OS An operating system designed to run on Apple computers Not used as widely as Windows Mac OS X is the latest version

UNIX and Linux:

5- 11 UNIX and Linux Unix operating system Originally designed to run on minicomputers on a network Used by powerful microcomputers Linux is a version of UNIX Not proprietary Open source


5- 12 Utilities Specialized programs to make computing easier Most essential utilities Troubleshooting Antivirus Uninstall Backup File compression

Windows Utilities:

5- 13 Windows Utilities Backup Disk Cleanup Disk Defragmenter

Backup :

5- 14 Backup

Disk Cleanup:

5- 15 Disk Cleanup

Disk Defragmenter:

5- 16 Disk Defragmenter

Utility Suites:

5- 17 Utility Suites A group of several utility programs bundled for sale Buying the package is economical Popular suites eSafe Desktop McAfee Office Norton System Works

Device Drivers:

5- 18 Device Drivers Specialized programs that allow communication between a device and the computer Loaded into memory each time When a new device is added, new device drive must be installed

A Look to the Future IBM's Aware Computer :

5- 19 A Look to the Future IBM's Aware Computer IBM concentrating research efforts on eLiza Handles time-consuming maintenance Autonomic computer Self-maintaining servers Self-repairing Self-protecting Self-updating

Key Terms:

5- 20 Key Terms antivirus utility (128) application (128) background (123) backup (129) backup program (128) booting ( 123) character based interface (123) client operating system (125) cold boot (123) computer virus (132) desktop (123) desktop operating system (125) device driver (122) diagnostic utility (128) dialog box (124) Disk cleanup (130) Disk defragmenter (131)

Key Terms :

5- 21 Key Terms Dock (127) driver (133) embedded operating system (124) file (124) file compression utility (128) folder (124) foreground (123) fragmented (131) graphical user interface (GUI) (123) Help (124) icon (123) language translator (122) Linux (127) Mac OS (127) Mac OS X (127) menu (123)

Key Terms :

5- 22 Key Terms multitasking (123) network operating system (NOS) (124) One Button Checkup (125) open source (132) operating system (125) platform (122) pointer (125) proprietary operating system (123) resource (123) sector (131) service program (122) Sherlock (127) software environment (125) software platform (125) stand-alone operating system (125) Start menu (126)

Key Terms:

5- 23 Key Terms system software (122) track (131) troubleshooting utility (128) uninstall utility (128) UNIX (127) user interface (123) utility (122) utility suite (132) warm boot (123) Window (123) Windows (125) Windows Add Printer Wizard (133) Windows Update (133) Windows XP (136)


5- 24 FAQs What is an operating system? What is the difference between a warm boot and a cold boot? What kinds of devices use embedded operating systems? I need to remove a program that I no longer use. How can I do this? What software is needed to install a new device on my desktop computer?

Discussion Questions :

5- 25 Discussion Questions Describe how files are stored and organized on a disk. Describe some of the programs in the Norton SystemWorks utility suite. Explain the purpose of an operating system. List the different versions of the Windows operating system. Explain how multitasking works.

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