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World Wildlife Fund:

World Wildlife Fund By Nithin K. Rawal

Goals of The Organization:

Goals of The Organization To help endangered species To improve ecosystems and environmental health Concerns: wildlife conservation, climate, food, forestry, aquatic life, influencing policy. “WWF is building a future where human needs are met in harmony with nature.”


Some processes, which naturally take millions of years, have been observable over only a few generations. Climate change, global warming, sea-level rise High pollution levels Wildlife destruction due to human negligence.

WWF’s Daily Work:

WWF’s Daily Work Over 5 Million supporters Over 1,300 current projects Involved with numerous environmental organizations Repopulating species Recovering ecosystems Promoting environmentally friendly lifestyles


Biodiversity Genetic Variability Allows for a self sustaining ecosystem Lack of biodiversity causes mass extinctions Rapid climate changes can harm biodiversity

The Natural Capital Project:

The Natural Capital Project Provides decision makers with valuable information regarding ecosystems. inVEST software was developed, tracks biodiversity and helps to visualize trade-offs between environmental and economic benefits. Mostly benefitted areas such as the Amazon, Myanmar, Mozambique, Belize, and Indonesia.

Become Involved:

Become Involved Become an Activist Travel around the world Educate others Donate

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