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1. Principles of Telephone Exchange Signaling. 2. Junction Working . 3. Calling Circuit. 4. MDF main distribution frame. 5. Application of Telephone exchange. INDEX

Tivadar Puskás is a inventor of telephone exchange:

Tivadar Puskás is a inventor of telephone exchange

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Outline the general operating procedure of telephone exchanges and, more particularly, to describe the working of the various signals used in calling the attention of the exchange. Controlling the circuit during the period of the conversation and after its completion.

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3. Types of signalling are divided into two classes, namely, magneto B. Battery

Junction Working:

1. Junction working are divided into two parts namely outgoing and incoming. 2. outgoing junctions are multiplied on the same principle as subscribers lines, so that any operator can direct to any one line. 3. The outgoing junction multiples are usually provided at more frequent intervals than the subscribers multiple and with a different spacing of jack (in strips of ten instead of twenty) in order to improve the speed and accuracy in working. Junction Working

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4. Incoming junction are not multiplied, but are assembled on special junction or “B” positions of the switchboard, and the incoming calls are dealt with by special “B” operators. 5. Junction circuits are of two distinct types – jack ended and plug ended.

Calling Circuit :

In this network nodes established a dedicated communication channel though the network before the nodes may communicate. Calling Circuit

MDF main distribution frame.:

MDF main distribution frame.

MDF main distribution frame.:

A Wiring rack that connects outside line with internal line. It is used to connects public or private line coming into the building to internal network. MDF main distribution frame.


APPLICATION OF TELEPHONE EXCHANGE The main application of telephone exchange is workplace that serves as a telecommunications facility where lines from telephones can be connected together to permit communication.



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