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OPERATING SYSTEMS OVERVIEW Introduction An interface between users and hardware - an environment "architecture” Allows convenient usage; hides the tedious stuff Allows efficient usage; parallel activity, avoids wasted cycles Provides information protection Gives each user a slice of the resources Acts as a control program. WHAT IS AN OPERATING SYSTEM?

About Mac OS X Snow Leopard :

About Mac OS X Snow Leopard Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6) is the seventh and current major release of Mac OS X, Apple's desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers. Snow Leopard was publicly unveiled on June 8, 2009 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. On November 10, 2010, it was released as 10.6.5 model worldwide, and was made available for purchase from Apple's website and its retail stores at the price of US$29 for a single-user license. The goals with Snow Leopard were improved performance, greater efficiency and to take advantage of modern Macintosh hardware .

What’s new in Mac OS X Snow Leopard. :

What’s new in Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

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1. Refined , not reinvented. 2. New look, new features . 3. Quicker Time Machine backup Time Capsule Tools for backup data with its Wireless technology. Time Machine Automatic backup for our Mac

Features of Time Machine :

Features of Time Machine Set it, then forget it Connect the drive and assign it to Time Machine and enjoying peace of mind time machine will automatically do his job of backup data. But what makes Time Machine different from other backup applications is that remembers how your system worked on a given day. Go back in time Say we accidentally deleted a file we meant to save on that condition the feature of Mac will provide us the security to go back in time and save the file. 3. Migration with style Style can be changed according to the time set the time machine for the great appreance of the operating system.

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4. Faster to wake up and shut down . 5. Faster, more reliable installation. 6. Smaller footprint: Snow Leopard takes all about 7GB of Hardisk for installation purpose. 7. More reliable, higher resolution on iChat : Having a video chat using iChat is more reliable and more accessible than ever in Snow Leopard . 8. Automatic time zone setup: If we are traveling around the world, the last thing we want to worry about is whether our computer is set to the correct time zone. Using the Core Location technology, it locates known Wi-Fi hotspots to set the time zone automatically, so you’ll always know the right time no matter where we are.

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9. Easy PDF text selection . 10. Faster, more powerful Safari . 11. More reliable disk eject: Snow Leopard improves the reliability of ejecting discs and external drives. Sometimes when an application or process is using the files on a drive, Mac OS X prevents you from ejecting it thus protecting the system from various accidental crashes.

Advance Technology:

Advance Technology 01 . The Mac Snow Leopard is purely 64 bit Operating System. The entire computing industry is moving from 32-bit to 64-bit technology , and it’s easy to see why. Today’s Mac computers can hold up to 32GB of physical memory, but the 32-bit applications that run on them can address only 4GB of RAM at a time, but 64-bit computing shatters that by enabling applications to address a 16 billion gigabytes of memory. 02. Built-in applications are now 64-bit: The mac Snow leopard OS has all system applications — including the Finder, Mail, Safari, iCal, and iChat — are now built with 64-bit code. 03. Ready for the future. The 64-bit support in Snow Leopard makes Mac OS X completely ready for whatever computing enhancements might arrive in the future. For example, Snow Leopard is ready to support up to 16 terabytes of RAM — about 500 times more than today’s Mac os .

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04. More secure than ever : Another benefit of the 64-bit applications in Snow Leopard is that they’re even more secure from hackers and malware than the 32-bit versions. 05. 32-bit compatible. To ensure simplicity and flexibility, Mac OS X still comes in one version that runs both 64-bit and 32-bit applications . But the developer of Mac OS has stated their Mac OS as Pure 64-bit Operating System. 06. Familiar, C-based language with industry support . W ith OpenCL stands for Open Computing Language. The Mac OS has a full support for the programming based Languages like C based language. 07. Power of UNIX. Simplicity of the Mac . T he power of UNIX OS can be seen inside the Mac OS in the case of working of security but in appreance it has the functionality of Mac.

Windows on a Mac :

Windows on a Mac Office on your Mac Various Micrsoft application can be run on a pc with having Mac OS installed on that. Microsoft Exchange Server support A native version of Microsoft Office is available for Mac OS X, and it features a Mac-friendly interface that lets you create documents with Word, presentations with PowerPoint, and spreadsheets with Excel just like on a Windows PC. It runs Windows, too We can install multiple operating system in a PC having Mac OS. such as windows OS and Mac OS 4. Connect to PCs over a network: provide the functionality to connect our pc over a network pc using Mac OS.

Hardware Requirement :

Hardware Requirement Mac computer or an Intel processor with a 64-bit processing. Requires a 1.6GHz processor or faster for improved performance. 1GB of minimum Ram memory. 10 GB of available Hardisk space for installing the full version of Mac OS X Snow Leopard. DVD drive for installation. Some features require a compatible Internet service provider; fees may apply. Some features require Apple’s MobileMe service; fees and terms apply.

Advantage of MAC OS :

Advantage of MAC OS Plug & Play : The Macintosh computer's true "Plug and Play" capabilities make adding hardware cards easy. Adding Peripherals : The Macintosh computer's built-in SCSI port makes it easy to add peripherals. Easier Installation : The Mac OS is easier to install than Windows. No DLL Problems : Windows "DLL" files cause many problems but in Mac OS there is no such DLL problem occures . E. Better Folder Management : The Macintosh has superior folder management compared with Windows

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F. Fewer Viruses : Macintosh hosted viruses are much less common than viruses specific to Windows and DOS. The Anti-virus Research Centre, a Symantec web site dedicated to tracking existing viruses on both Macintosh computers and PCs, shows that there are more than 8,000 PC viruses in existence, with two or three new ones appearing every day. In contrast, there are currently only 47 known viruses specific to the Mac OS. G. Faster Performance : It's easier to work with graphics and multimedia content on the Macintosh. H. Games Work Better : Macintosh games do not suffer from the driver problems that Windows games do. Because so many games on the Windows platform have unique drivers for running sound cards and other devices, the driver difficulties encountered by the average Windows user are well known. v

Disadvantages of MAC operating system :

Disadvantages of MAC operating system Mac OS is designed to work on limited computers. Most often they are designed to run on Apple hardware therefore we can say that Mac operating system is really compatible but only for Apple computers. Mac OS is really very compatible to Apple PC’s and Laptops. Apple PC’s and laptops are on the other hand very expensive. Mac operating systems are not for everyone they are mostly used by graphic designers. To install a Mac OS it require more of hardrive space, it takes more Hardisk space for installation and for working purpose.

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Hence trying to install any of the windows applications like Adobe Photoshop on Mac X would go all in vain. The Mac OS versions need most advance and latest hardware in order to run. Mac operating system is considered really secure this I because there are few number of users till now. If however the number keeps on increasing day by day then we might face serious security risk even with this operating systems well.

What's the Difference Mac OS and Windows Operating System? :

What's the Difference Mac OS and Windows Operating System? Mac OS Windows 01. Mac first version was released in the year 1980’s. Windows was released in 1985 and was at least inspired from the earliest Mac OS 02. Mac is designed more for graphical and multimedia functions and tends to run better than Windows doing so. Windows, however, is much better with statistical applications as well as office applications. It also seems that Windows is easier for the user to customize, Machado explained. 03. Mac OS made it easier for developers to assure compatibly and reliability. However, it has also limited the size , which stood at about 30 million Microsoft emphasized getting as large a user base as possible for Windows. Now, somewhere around 90 percent of computer users run Windows.

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S.No Mac OS Windows 04. Mac is an operating system microkernel Carnegie Mellon University developed to support operating system research. The basis of the Mac OS X is still the core built by Carnegie Mellon. "Windows was built around networking. Its foundation is on highly modifiable DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) to support many applications and a registry file for multiple configurations. 05. Mac OS -- easier to use, nicer to look at, safer (less people looking for holes in the OS). Windows -- when combined with a computer purchase, huge user support network, easy to customize and repair, support for a gazillion hardware and software extensions 06. OS X is a Unix based operating system with a GUI which is more user friendly than Windows for many users. Windows is prevalent in business environments, and has differing architectures based upon which flavor is installed (there are vast differences between 3.11, 95, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7)

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