What is a Rubber Diaphragm?

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What is a Rubber Diaphragm?:

What is a Rubber Diaphragm?

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A Rubber Diaphragm is a method of birth monitoring used by women. It is a soft, thin, dome-shaped rubber cup with a elastic rim. Spermicidal jelly is reside in the dome. The diaphragm is placed high in the vagina to hold the spermicide adverse the cervix. The Rubber Diaphragms comes in different sizes and must be fitted by a clinician to be effective. The rubber diaphragm acts as a barrier during the opening of the cervix and semen which contains sperm. The fit may not be tight sufficient to stop all the sperm from getting past the diaphragm; therefore, the spermicide is used to kill the sperm. It can be inserted several hours prior to intercourse, but it must be left in the vagina for at least 6 hours following the last episode of intercourse. Additional spermicidal jelly should be enamored into the vagina before each act of intercourse without removing the diaphragm. It can be left in for up to 24 hours total time. You use it only when having meeting. It is not meditate to be used as a menstrual product. The diaphragm is not considered to be an dominant method of protection against sexually transmitted infections.

How effective is it?:

How effective is it? The contraceptive impact of this method of birth control ranges from 84% (actual use) to 94% (perfect use). Diaphragms must be used with spermicide to be dominant.


It is female controlled and does't want partner assistance There is an instant return to fertility as it offers contraception only when needed It can be used for 2 to 3 years It can be inserted several hours prior to intercourse Decreases spontaneity Need to be convenient touching your vagina Demand, visit to clinic or physician for fitting Advantages Disadvantages

Proper diaphragm use:

Proper diaphragm use Spread spermicidal cream or jelly reside the dome of the diaphragm and around the rim before inserting the diaphragm. Fold the rubber diaphragm in half, handling the edges together and the cream or jelly inside. Keep the Rubber Diaphragms (with the dome pointing down or backwards) all the way into the vagina, so that the diaphragm covers the cervix. Tuck the forward rim of the diaphragm st the back of the bone that forms the front of the pelvis (pubic bone) and the back rim up behind the cervix. The spermicide within the diaphragm will be held against the cervix. Keep the diaphragm no more than 6 hours before having sexual intercourse. The ingression does not have to interfere with sex. Some couples build insertion, which can be done by the man, part of foreplay. Commonly, neither you nor your partner will feel the diaphragm between intercourse. If you do feel it, check to make assure it is in position. Also, you may need to make assure the diaphragm is the right size for you.

How do I care for my diaphragm?:

How do I care for my diaphragm? After you accept your diaphragm, wash it with a mild soap like Ivory. Rinse and dry it well and put it far in its compact. Keeping your diaphragm away from heat and light will reduce the chance of weakening the rubber. A eternally used diaphragm can last two to three years. Products such as baby powder, body powder, or face powder seem to harm the rubber and should be avoided. You can dirt your diaphragm with plain cornstarch, but be sure to wash it off before using again. Oil-based products like Vaseline or hand cream waste the diaphragm

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