Inflatable Seals and Uses of Inflatable Seals

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Western Rubbers are the Leading Manufacturer of Inflatable Seals in India, Inflatable Seals are used to create fire barrier between a mounting and striking surface. Our high quality and customize designed Inflatable seals help to return to its original state once the inflation has been removed. We manufacture products for a range of applications in the demanding and highly skilled industries of the 21st century. For more information do visit


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Inflatable Seals and Uses of Inflatable Seals :

Inflatable Seals and Uses of Inflatable Seals

What is Inflatable Seals?:

What is Inflatable Seals ? An inflatable seal is a type of seal rubber that in- flates and de- flates based on the presence of an inflation source around. An inflatable seal is a type of rubber seal which inflates to create an air or watertight barrier.

Why Use an Inflatable Seals:

Why Use an Inflatable Seals The most beneficial feature of inflatable seals is their ability to apply their own seal pressure. Conventional sealing methods typically rely on the compression of elastomeric gaskets to create an effective seal between the surfaces. This compressive stress usually involves the use of bolts or other clamping methods to maintain the compressive stress. The subsequent clamping and unclamping of mating surfaces can be inconvenient and time-consuming. Inflatable seals, on the other hand, can displace as needed to fill gaps of various shapes and sizes in seconds, forming seals in a fraction of the time compared to conventional sealing methods.


Despite their name, inflatable seals, can be used for applications other than sealing. Some alternative uses include: Applying squeezing forces to materials to assist in the movement of objects Producing holding or clamping mechanical forces Acting as expandable brake calipers to stop rotating equipment Moving objects by applying a pushing force similar to an actuator on a conveyor belt Gripping and lifting objects when inflated

Inflatable Seals Materials:

Inflatable Seals Materials For seals to operate at maximum efficiency, they need to be able to respond appropriately to  environmental and geometrical constraints. Different materials offer varying degrees of durability and shape retention characteristics depending on the application. As soon as the typical conditions to which the seal will be exposed are known, an inflatable seal made with appropriate materials can be selected. Some of the most widely used seal materials include butyl, natural rubber, chloroprene, nitride, silicone, and polyurethane. Each of these materials has its own set of advantages and limitations. For example, butyl possesses extremely low permeability to liquid and gases, making it ideal for sealing purposes.  Because butyl is a petroleum-based product, however, it also has poor resistance to hydrocarbon solvents and oils.


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