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Western Rubbers designed Customize Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator which can be used in all the leading industry. Our manufactured Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator is a linear motion device for valve sizes ranging from the micro-flow valves to large 20"+ globe control valve as per the global demand western rubbers offering a premium quality range of Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator.


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Diaphragms are sealing agents, used as moveable membranes to avoid two or more components against emanation and rubbing. The pliable nature of this seal allows pressure holdings to cross the barrier but not the material being enclosed. Western Rubbers manufacture rubber diaphragms that are bonded with Brass, mild-steel or stainless-steel studs. We also manufacture diaphragms that are Metal Inserted, Gasketed , Teflon laminated or that are reinforced with fabric, nylon, canvas, wire mesh, etc. Applications : Electrical & Pneumatic Control valves, Pressure regulators, Saunders Valves, Solenoids valves, High Pressure Pumps, Actuators, Gas regulators, Angle Valves, Brine Filter Valves, Dust Collectors, Spray Pumps, etc.

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Whatever sort of  Rubber Diaphragms  you need, Western Rubber has the technology and facility to number your demand. Western Rubber are professional manufacturers and suppliers of diaphragms in a expansive wide extent of materials to a extensive collection of industries. Our ability to implement us to stockpile supply of homogeneous, rubber to metal bonded and fabric supported diaphragms utilizing injection, compression, transfer, flashless and fabrication techniques

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Diaphragms are a specialist possession.  We have the professional who will advice you as to architecture and censure of materials to conformed the ever-increasing application for this classification of product. Our engineers will encourage that we segregate the convenient authority of the process to provide you with existence sensitive also means being able to access jobs in the best excellent method.

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Western Rubbers proposal condensation moulding , accompanying almost below cost decoration for inferior volume projects; injection moulding , an mechanical process with higher cost tooling, but greater efficiency for higher volume necessity and certainty moulding for the best delicate element which cannot be refined by usual methods. This proven facility empower Western Rubbers to supply products, in a variety of materials and designs to the highest quality standard.

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