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/ C o r p o r a t e T ea m B u i l d i n g B a n g a l o r e g o es w i t h n a t u r e s w a y t o b u i l d a s t r o n g t ea m . Build strong team building programs with guidelines from NASA. Read further... D f r en s - - E - B O O K - -

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/ T ea m B u i l d i n g P r o g r a m s a r o u n d N A S A a p p r o v ed a i r p u r i f i er p l a n t s a r e c a l l i n g f o r a t t en t i o n “Green which is Nature’s colour is restful soothing cheerful and health-giving.” – Paul Brunton Therefore green nature is also equipped to enrich us with these benefits. Just imagine how beneficial it would be if we could merge natural greenery within our closed office spaces. How effective will those team development activities be that are conducted amongst natureWe possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. The renowned biologist naturalist and writer Edward O. Wilson explained the urge of humans to affiliate nature and other life forms in his book Biophilia.

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/ Humans are close to nature because we are part of this ecosystem. Therefore it is ingrained into us to work at an optimal capacity when we are surrounded by greenery. Our office spaces often disconnect us from our natural environment. We tend to spend most of our time indoors working for better tomorrows. How great would it be if there is some way to connect our outdoor environment with an indoor workplace Also read: Team building company Bangalore unravels the secrets of skyrocketing workforce productivity. A breakthrough solution for this is ‘Indoor plants’ Indoor plants are important for a productive office just like team building programs and team bonding ideas. They facilitate an environment of harmony by uplifting moods and thus contributing to productivity and thereby business profits. Take a look at the upfront benefits of placing indoor plants around your workspace… 1. An office teeming up with vibrant greenery spreads positive vibes Green plants offer meditative experiences that lead to happier productive employees contributing to the growth of the organisation. Relaxing and calming effects of green plants help in reducing… 1. Tension and anxiety 2. depression 3. Anger and hostility 4. Reduction in fatigue A corporate employee engagement program organized in such an environment is bound to bring results. Also read: Corporate Team Building Company Bangalore is taking a green route to build strong teams

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/ 2. Office plants act as air filtersSealed air in closed rooms has more pollutants than the outside air. The culprits found in the pack rooms are mold formaldehyde dust mites carbon monoxide and chemical cleaning agents. Indoor plants are helpful in improving indoor air quality by removing harmful pollutants. It helps in increasing humidity levels. These plants further assist in reducing symptoms of ‘Sick building symptoms’ or SBS. This will help in reducing absenteeism thereby helping employees to be more engaged and productive in the workplace. Also read: 4 Corporate Team Building blogs showing ways for an effective Team Building Program 3. Indoor plants can obstruct noise Placing plants around different corners of your office can help in reducing the distracting effects of background office chatter. This will enable your employees to focus better and thus doing a good job. 4. Get a creative boost with indoor plants Creativity is the byproduct of a green environment surrounding your workplace. Indoor plants have a unique attribute to spur up your employee’s creativity. So why not make green plants part of your office setting The benefits far outnumber the cost. Also read: No 1 Corporate Team Building Company is showing way to build a productive workforce Take a look at Indoor plants that must be part of your office family. 1. Aloe Vera Plant Aloe plant is a must for building healthy teams Aloe vera plant is well known for its healing properties. The gel from Aloe vera helps with the healing of cuts and burns. It also works as an air filter. It purifies indoor air from pollutants benzene that is found in paints and other chemical cleaners.

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/ If you are looking to buy one for your office desk. Click here. 2. Peace Lily Team building programs can be a great success with Peace Lily Plant all around This air purifier plant improves air quality by 60. It absorbs mold spores that grow indoors. These harmful agents are absorbed through leaves and pass it to the roots as food. With enhanced air quality your work environment will be brimming with freshness. So order your piece NOW Visit here 3. ZZ Plant ZZ plants can act as a means to promote your employee engagement programs Zamioculcas zamiifolia is one of the toughest indoor plants. It works wonders for the work environment. Place it on your work desk and see the magic of… 1. Increased productivity 2. Reduction in sick time as it removes airborne bacteria 3. Increase oxygen levels 4. Lowers blood pressure Want to experience this magic Book your ZZ Plant TODAY 4. Money Plant Surround your corporate team building events with money plants and experience the magic It purifies homes with positive energy and increases oxygen flow. As per Feng Shui it is to be placed near computers wifi routers or television. Placing money plants at a sharp corner or angle helps in reducing anxiety levels. What are you waiting for Stop wasting time on silly arguments. Buy your money plant Right Now 5. The snake plant or Sansevieria It is the perfect indoor plant. This air purifier plant helps in getting rid of toxins such as formaldehyde xylene toluene and nitrogen oxides.

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/ To put it simply it helps in filtering pollutants that are present in cleaning products toilet paper tissues and personal care products. The unique property of this plant is that it converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. It also helps in fighting Allergies and Sick Building Syndrome. Take quick strides to buy your snake plant TODAY Place all of the above plants in your work environment. Reap benefits from nature which is freely available. If you find this blog helpful share it far and wide.

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/ B O O K A C O N S U L T A T I O N w w w . d f r en s . c o m Do you want to upscale your employee productivity Are you confused about which team building programs you should choose for your business Get in touch with us. - -

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