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1 1 F r ee T ea m B u i l d i n g R es o u r c es f o r i g n i t i n g a s p a r k i n y o u r w o r k f o r c e 11 blogs explaining every aspect of team development programs . Read further... D F R EN S . C O M - - E- B O O K - -

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team building activities bangalore Building a team is the most challenging task for a manager. The manager is responsible for reducing friction within the workforce. They have to work towards team engagement programs to bridge employee communication gaps. Because the manager is solely liable for the results that the team brings to the table. Team building programs internal communication tactics and experiential learning simulations are means through which he/she can head towards prosperity. How do managers align all three mediums for organizing an effective team development program The best approach is to hire a result-oriented team building company. The second and most stressful way is to do the needed research. To make your research easy here are the 11 free resources to arrange an effective team building activities…

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1 . 5 m a g i c p h r a s es y o u r em p l o y ees w a n t t o h ea r a t w o r k Motivation plays a key role in boosting productivity. Many times your workforce is not demotivated to do their jobs. The reasons may vary from personal issues to other problems. Being a manager it is your duty to look deeper into the matter. Because if you don’t then there are 100 chances of losing a good employee that adds up to the cost. Take a keen interest in uplifting your workforce’s emotional health. Engage your team into a productive team building program. Improve your team’s productivity with these magic phrases. Also read: Corporate Team Building Events: A Global Trend Accepted by Corporate World 2 . H o w t o en g a g e y o u r em p l o y ees u s i n g t h e R es p ec t M o d el a n d k eep t h em h a p p y e v er a f t er The valued employee will always do more than expected. It is very clear that when you respect your employees they will revert with good work. Why Because they feel valued they feel that their contribution is significant to the growth of the company with such emotion they feel responsible towards their organization. With a few good words you can build a productive team than why not go for it. Understand how you can boost your employee morale through Respect Model. Take a look: When team development activities infused your expectation becomes reality 3 . 4 C o r p o r a t e T ea m B u i l d i n g b l o g s s h o w i n g w a y s f o r a n ef f ec t i v e T ea m B u i l d i n g P r o g r a m Organizing a team building program is easy. Organizing an effective team development program is what needs effort.

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It is better to research properly before investing in team development activities. Because your invested efforts should bring you some results. Plan out your team building programs before asking your employees to participate. The given blog will discuss the following topics in detail… 1. The Seven standards of storytelling at work 2. Are you making these 5 leadership mistakes 3. 6 internal communication best practices to connect your workplace. 4. 5 ways to make your employees 10X more productive Dive in to learn more Take a look: How can team building events transform your managers into competent leaders 4 . I n s t i l l e x c el l en c e w i t h e xper i en c e- b a s ed t ea m b u i l d i n g e v en t s Experience-based team building events teach the workforce to apply theory to practice. In the real world it is the application of knowledge that brings fruits to the organization. Recharge your workforce with team development activities that bring results. Take your workforce through the experience that teaches them how to manifest their learning into results. Run through these team development activities to infuse positive energy in your work environment. Also read: Corporate Team Building activities breaking records for the company 5 . C o r p o r a t e T ea m b u i l d i n g P r o g r a m s : A N e w W ea p o n s T o D ea l W i t h U n p r o d u c t i v i t y Unproductivity is not always the result of a lack of needed skills. Often the cause of non-performance is disengagement demotivated and misaligned workforce. How do you break this unproductive bond Bring your team together and sort out the real reason of the problem. Team development programs are the means through which you can fight back with unproductivity.

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Understand how you align your workforce with an organization’s goal here Also read: Successful Corporate Team Building events Follow This Secret Formula 6 . D i s c o v er T h e S ec r et s o f Em p l o y ee C o m m u n i c a t i o n s Internal communication is critical to the success of the organization. Communication implies an exchange of ideas thoughts and being connected. Employee communication in the business world means an exchange of ideas feedback and collaboration over tasks that are aligned to accomplished business goals. Therefore the absence of adequate communication can doom your organization’s success. Learn some of the ways through which you can bridge employee communication gaps in your organization Take a look: 3 easy steps to organise employee communication workshops 7 . I n t er n a l c o m m u n i c a t i o n : U s e t h es e 5 w o r k m o t i v a t i o n t h eo r i es t o f r a m e b et t er t ea m b u i l d i n g p r o g r a m s . Everyone needs the motivation to work towards betterment. Use proven human psychology to uplift your workforce. Learn from the stated theories how do you formulate a plan for an effective team development program In the above blog go through these theories in detail… 1. Hertzberg’s dual-factor theory 2. Hierarchy of Needs Theory 3. The Hawthorne Effect Also read: Corporate Team Building help in bridging internal communication gaps 8 . L ea r n H o w T o O p t i m i s e T ea m B u i l d i n g Ev en t s U s i n g P s y c h o l o g y

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You cannot isolate human psychology from your team members. It is an integral part of their functioning. You need to know these principles to make your teams more productive. Organize your team building events by taking note of the applicable psychology principles. Also read: Is employee engagement programs a need or a necessity 9 . C r ea t e a m em o r a b l e t ea m b u i l d i n g e v en t s t h a t a r e F R EE You would definitely want to know about team development activities that are refreshing enjoyable and brings results. You do not want to waste your employees time in team-building programs that are theoretically clear but practically not possible. Grab this team building e-book and learn… 1. How to talk at the events 2. How do you make your team building events purposeful 3. How to organize team building activities that are more fun than fuss Also read: Employee Communication is a must ingredient for an organization’s success. 1 0 . S k i l l i n g o u r W o r k f o r c e f o r I n d u s t r y 4 . 0 To be the best in any industry you must keep yourself updated. This applies as well to your employees. The more updated your employees the better they can work for your business. Scale up your workforce to upscale your business. Get your employees ready for the future. Get ready for the change. Take away this Team Building Programs e-book about ways to skill your employees for a bright future Take a look: Why is it a must to invest in team bonding ideas

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1 1 . 5 W a y s L ea d er s A r e D i s t a n c i n g T h em s el v es F r o m t h ei r W o r k f o r c e Distancing yourself from your workforce only generates chaos. Your employees get derailed. They do not realize where they are heading. This confusion significantly affects your business. Are you looking for ways to build a strong relationship with your workforce This Team Building Activities e-book is a sure help. Did you find the above resources helpful If yes share it with your friends.

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B O O K A C O N S U L T A T I O N W W W . D F R EN S . C O M Are you struggling to keep your employees engaged Let d’frens help you to power up your teams. d’frens helps companies like yours organise team building activities experiential learning and internal communication solutions . Bring teams closer and improve efficiency at work. - -

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