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B u i l d M o t i v a t e d t ea m s w i t h a p p r e c i a t i n g w o r d s Read further to understand what it takes to boost employee productivity... D f r en s . c o m - - E- B O O K - -

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5 m a g i c p h r a s es y o u r em p l o y ees w a n t t o h ea r a t w o r k Motivated employees are the biggest asset a company can have. No matter how talented your employees are if they aren’t motivated they won’t give their 100 at work. As a leader it’s your responsibility to keep them motivated. You have to make constant efforts to ensure that they enjoy coming to work everyday. The problem is that most companies do not pay conscious or directed attention to this. Most managers don’t even think that motivating the team is their responsibility. But most employees agree that the way seniors treat them has a huge impact on their work. What according to you is the simplest way to keep employees engaged and motivated

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We asked a couple of our clients casually and most of them said: We organise employee engagement programs regularly to make sure our employees are happy. Employee engagement sessions are one of the ways to promote a happy work environment. Even simple things like giving them regular feedback praising them for their work or telling them how lucky the company is to have them also works wonders. If you haven’t already thought about it it’s time to give it a try. Use these 5 magic phrases with your employees regularly and see their productivity improve. 1. Your positivity is contagious We all notice that chirpy always-happy employees who walk into office with a smile on their face. Every single day. It’s almost impossible to stop what you’re doing and smile back at them right How about returning the favour and making them feel special A simple phrase of appreciation like: Thank you for lighting up the whole office with your smile – would go a long way in keeping their smiles and spirits high. Also read: Corporate Team Events: A significant factor for a productive workforce 2. It’s amazing how you keep calm even in chaotic situations Keeping calm under pressure is one of the most important skills of a successful professional. But sadly this is also one of the most difficult skills to find. If you do have someone on your team who has mastered the art of keeping calm at all times make sure you appreciate them. Also read: 4 Corporate Team Building blogs showing ways for an effective Team Building Program 3. You’re doing an amazing job Picture this. You’re at your desk getting through the day’s work as usual.

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Your boss comes by and says: Hey You’re doing an amazing job with project X. Keep up the good work. Wouldn’t it totally make your day Not only does this make an employee happy but also motivates them to do better. Also read: Corporate team events: Is it a necessity Or is it necessary 4. That’s great progress Say this to a new employee. Or someone who has recently learned a new skill. They’ll be delighted to know that their efforts are being appreciated. And that you’ve noticed their progress. This is a great way to make employees feel important. It lets them know that their progress makes a difference to their team. And that you appreciate all the hard work they’re putting in. Also read: Indoor team building activities are taking employees productivity to the next level 5. Thank you You don’t need a special occasion or a time to say this. Your employees work really hard to make profits for the company. Acknowledging them and thanking them for all their efforts is a great way to keep them motivated. What do you think is the most effective phrase to motivate employees Have you seen something as simple as these words of wisdom work extraordinarily for your employees Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Have something to add to this list Use the comments section to let us know. We’d be delighted to hear from you. Are you struggling to keep your employees engaged

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