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Make Your Way To The Gui nnes Book Team building should be an integral part of your organization. Because when employees work towards single organizational goals collectively results are always outstanding. A perfect team building experience is now possible with dfrens. What are you worried about ▢ Are you sick of falling productivity ▢ Are your employees not engaging       into business decisions ▢ Are your employees not aligned with company values ▢ Are you looking for fresh ideas to  keep the spark alive ▢ Are your employees working in silos ▢ Are you looking for ways to bridge the communication gaps Tick what you want to implement ▢ Contemporary workforce learning  solutions ▢ Memorable team building that works ▢ Easy to understand employee communications ▢ Get employees talking ▢ Get employees thinking ▢ Get employees engaging in business decisions

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How did the Nutritional Company mark its name in the Guinness Book of World Records Meet a multi-billion dollar company selling nutrition products across the world. Team building activity helps employees create an emotional bond. With the company and amongst themselves.

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Contact us One team challenge motivates employees to stay fit Contact us They have offices all across the world over 17000 employees and a large presence in India.   Every year they organise an annual gathering for all the employees associates and partners.  The goal is to celebrate the year’s achievements and set new goals for the coming year.   This year they wanted to do something extraordinary.   Involve all the associates employees and partners and create a unique experience. For them and the company. Also read: How can team development activities boost productivity Free Download: Create a memorable event by doing three things that are free The activity was entered around the theme of fitness. Three fun-filled training programs were conducted before the final session. Employees learnt to be body percussionists. Two facilitators trained this group for a total of 68 minutes over three sessions before they could break the record. On the day of the event everyone turned up excited and motivated. Free Download: Create a memorable event by doing three things that are free

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A global nutrition company enters the Guinness Book of World Records. 11256 people performed body percussion for over five minutes. 300+ stewards supervised by the official Guinness World Records adjudicator monitored them. It was the largest ensemble of percussionists in the world. All the hard work and excitement paid off with the company finally breaking the previous record that has stood for a few years. 3 different countries with no luck had attempted to break this record earlier. Employees associates and partners who took part in the event were extremely happy and motivated. Having accomplished something so huge together they felt closer to each other and the company.

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Are You Facing a Team Building Problem Contact us Check out innovative Team Building that works . Make a d’frens. Get solutions for Employee Communication challenges . Plusmodern Workforce Learning ideas  that are effective. Free download: Create a memorable events by doing 3 things that are free

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