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SMART???? S.M.A.R.T .  Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. It wasn’t so long ago that legions of people began walking the streets, talking to themselves . On closer inspection, many of them turned out to be wearing tiny earpieces that connected wirelessly to their smartphones . What’s next? Perhaps throngs of people in thick-framed sunglasses lurching down the streets, cocking and twisting their heads like extras in a zombie movie.

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Google Glass  a head-mounted, Internet-enabled display  revolutionize computing and totally rock your world. The company says Glass will be small enough, light enough, and stylish enough to wear all day. Glass will run apps like Google+ and Google Search, but it’s designed to feel more natural and immersive than a PC or a smartphone .

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A micro processor, A memory chip, A battery, a speaker, Two microphones, A video camera, A Wi-Fi antenna, Bluetooth, An accelerometer, A gyroscope, and A compass. WHAT IS IT MADE OF????

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FEATURES Same as smart phone, but responds to voice instead of touch Synch to internet using wireless connection Video through the eyes of wearers can be streamed live on Google's social network Footage comes in 5 colors  black , gray, blue, red or white and have removable shades

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CONCLUSION Google says that Glass will make you feel smarter. “We’re talking about a device that sees every thing you see and hears everything you hear,” In the next few months, Google will start shipping its smart spectacles to developers. More-polished consumer models are expected in 2014.

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