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Sales Forecasting : 

Sales Forecasting Demand forecast Estimated unit sale or value sale for specific future time, based on Marketing plan Assumed marketing environment Primary determinants Price of the product(P) Disposable income(I) Consumer Preference(T) Price of other goods and services(P-0) Demand Equation Demand(D)= f(P,I,P-0,T)

Importance of Forecasting : 

Importance of Forecasting Supply chain depends on demand patterns Guides the procurements Inventory Level Production Level

Forecasting Procedure : 

Forecasting Procedure Depends on Nature of Product Stage of Product life cycle Degree of Innovation in the category Replacement Demand Frequency of shopping Product Mix

Forecasting Process : 

Forecasting Process Forecast Objectives Determine the dependant and independent variables Develop forecast assumptions General Environmental Forecast Industry Sales Forecast Company Sales Forecast Product Line Forecast Individual Product Forecast

Forecasting Methods : 

Forecasting Methods Qualitative Methods Expert Opinion Survey of Buyer’s Expectations (B2B) Sales Force Composite Delphi Technique Historical Analogy

Forecasting Methods : 

Forecasting Methods Quantitative Methods Test marketing Trend Method Moving Average Naïve Method Regression Method Exponential Smoothening Level Of Accuracy Mean Absolute Percentage Error

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