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Sales Force Training : 

Sales Force Training Training Process Training Need assessment Organizational Level Task Level Individual Level Design and conduct of the training OJT(On the job Training), JIT(Job Instruction Training), Vestibule Training(VT) Cross Functional, Team,Creativity Training Evaluation of training program

Training methods : 

Training methods Didactic method One-on –One Lecture method Visual/Online Participative Conferences Seminars Role Play Case Study

Training methods : 

Training methods Fish Bowl Workshops T-Group Training Laboratory Training Sensitivity training TA Interpersonal Ego states In-tray Exercise Study documents, decide priorities and allocate time

Sales Force Motivation : 

Sales Force Motivation Improve Organizational efficiency Will to work (Morale) Frequent Travel Lack of drive for higher level goal Boring in long run

Motivational drives : 

Motivational drives Security Achievement Approval(Praise) Loyalty Advancement Leadership Human Behaviour

Theories of Motivation : 

Theories of Motivation Content Theories Need Hierarchy Theory-Abraham Maslow Hertzberg Two factor Theory Hygiene Factor(Corporate Policy, Relationship, Status, Security, Supervision) Motivating Factors (Advancement, Recognition, Achievement)

Theories of Motivation : 

Theories of Motivation Content Theories Alderfer’s ERG Theory Existence, Related, Growth McGregor’s Theory X and Y William Ouchy’s Theory Z Long term, participative, Integrate individual life with organization

Theories of Motivation : 

Theories of Motivation Process Theories Equity Theory (Bernard) Expectancy Theory (Vroom) Valence,Expectancy,Instrumentality Reinforcement Theory Hull’s Drive theory Skinner’s Reinforcement theory

Sales Force Evaluation : 

Sales Force Evaluation Performance Appraisal Relative and Absolute Judgments Trait Based Decisiveness,reliability, energy,loyalty Outcome based (MBO) Net margins Behaviour Based Product knowledge, presentation quality, closing ability

Sales Force Evaluation : 

Sales Force Evaluation Call Reports Activity Reports Base Rate Information Customer satisfaction Index Hindsight bias

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