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Sales Organization : 

Sales Organization Structure Product or Service Related Factors Organization Related Factors Marketing Mix Related factors External factors From Top Down Command and control driven to horizontal and customer driven

Organizational principles : 

Organizational principles Span of Control Centralization or Decentralization Integration and coordination Butterfly approach vs. bow tie approach

Organizational Design : 

Organizational Design Line Organization Organization Design by Territory Organizational design by management function Organizational Design by product Organizational Design by customer Combined Organizational Design

Number of sales people : 

Number of sales people Affordability Method Incremental Method Workload Method

Recruitment and Selection : 

Recruitment and Selection Degree of Aculturization Performance= Ability * Motivation Planning for Recruitment and Hiring process

Recruitment : 

Recruitment Strategic Position Analysis N=(S/P)*(1+T) N: Number S: Sales Forecast P: Present Average sales T: Sales force turnover Determination of performance measures Identification of Critical Success factors Performance measure dimensions Operationalization of performance

Recruitment : 

Recruitment Job Analysis Tasks duties and responsibilities KSA Matrix(Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) Job Qualification and Job Descriptions Aptitude, skills, knowledge and personality traits required to perform the job successfully

Recruitment : 

Recruitment Sources Internal Lateral or upward moves Interns (Part time) Employee referral programs External Other industry sources (Hire war) Campus Advertising Agencies Walk-ins Networking Web sources

Selection Procedure : 

Selection Procedure Inviting Blank Application Personal Interviews Reference Checks Physical Examinations Psychological Tests I/Q Personality Aptitude and Skills Determination of terms of service Appointment Initial Orientation

Format of Structured Interviews : 

Format of Structured Interviews Situational Job Knowledge Salesperson’s Requirement

Socialization : 

Socialization Anticipatory Stage(RJP) Different kinds of expectations Realistic Job Preview Encounter Stage Settling In Stage

Sales Force Compensation : 

Sales Force Compensation Good Compensation plan Attract best sales people Improve the productivity of sales people Retain quality sales people

Characteristics of Effective Compensation Plan : 

Characteristics of Effective Compensation Plan Short term: survival Long term: Growth and recognition Equality (similar job should have similar rewards) Economical to the company Flexible

Factors Influencing Design : 

Factors Influencing Design Financial ability to pay Size of the market Nature of the product Demand supply Gap Going rates

Types of Compensation Plan : 

Types of Compensation Plan Financial Compensation Straight Salary plan Straight Commission plan (Risk Compensation plan) Bonus and Incentives Combination Plan(Fixed and Variable components) Drawing Account Plan Allied Methods(Profit Sharing)

Types of Compensation Plan : 

Types of Compensation Plan Non Financial Compensation Promotions Recognition Fringe Benefits Medical Benefits Retirement benefits Life Insurance Perks Car, housing,driver,gardener,educational opportunities

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